Monday, April 25, 2011


Hey folks! I'll begin updating this place more regularly by the end of the week. I just have some emergency freelance work that I've got to do to keep my ass from getting evicted from my totally shitty apartment. Speaking of which... anybody in the Toronto area have some spare room and wanna put up a fading Internet pseudo-celebrity for a month or two? Hehe... just kidding. Anyhoo, I'll try to put up at LEAST a little something for you once every weekday in the interim, so here's something interesting for you to watch. - YOPJ


  1. While I realize that there might be a "shortage" of videos re: conspiricy, illuminati, etc. This one is just not really cutting it, you must agree. If this was a right-leaning "documentary", we'd be slamming it all over for not citing references, machine gunning you with supposed "facts", pictures and newspaper clippings, ad naseum. Poor production quality and incredbly clihed soundtrack- coupled with the lack of a poingient thesis - make this film a very poor one indeed.
    I suppose there are already "Zeitgiest" and "Loose Change".
    Hope you're hanging in there! Keep up your good work bro, wishing you more free time to do what you do best!
    YOP Cav

  2. Hey hun, we'd put you up! And hell we got a spare room so if you chip into the bills, that's works super! But either we have to come in to Canada, (and not having a job already lined up kinda fucks THAT up), or you'll have to come to MD, USA, which will gain you less work than you have now! Sucks, huh? We could use the addition of funds and my son paid for his own food, (we nuke everything here, wth, right?) and for the cable bill, $145 and change USD. Still, this place is a rotten mess, so that would prolly nix that anyway. Good wishes and a hug comin' yer way, MOPJ!

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