Sunday, April 3, 2011


  • New York actor Michael Brea - who appeared in an episode of the hit TV show Ugly Betty and was a one-time spokesmodel for the Coca-Cola energy drink Full Throttle - apparently chopped off his mother's head using a "samurai sword" he claims he was given during a ceremony at a Masonic Lodge. Adding intrigue to insanity, the victim in this horrific case used to work at... wait for it... the World Trade Center! That's right. Yannick Brea was a survivor of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. And now she's dead. Read more in this Useless Eater Blog post!
  • Um, excuse me, folks, but what the Hell did you THINK Charlie Sheen was going to do in his Torpedo of Truth live show? He's Charlie Fucking Sheen. Sit down and shut up and listen to the man lay down the kind of cosmically revelatory wisdom that only a year-long cocaine jag can inspire. Like the man said, he's "already got your money, dude." WINNING!
  • Watching recent coverage of congress-jerk Peter King (R-NY) and his anti-Muslim "Radicalization in America" hearings, yer old pal Jerky was reminded of just how much he hates this verminous toad-like freak. The fact of the matter is that Peter King poses a far greater threat to the Republic than any Muslim living in America today. Don't believe me? Watch this video: 
  • What possible motivation could be behind the creepy, Bush-lite Stephen Harper Government's decision to scrap Canada's long-form census questionnaire and replace it with a "voluntary" version - a move that prompted outrage among policy-makers all over the country, even leading to the resignation of Canada's Chief Statistician? The benefits of the document's long-form version are many. Having a richer data pool allows those who craft national policy to base their decisions on sound statistical indicators, according to rational and scientific principles. As far as most "movement conservatives" are concerned - and Canadian Prime Minister Harper is definitely a member of that breed - this would probably be enough to make them want to get rid of it. The conservative Canadian Fraser Institute think tank, for instance, thinks getting rid of the long form is a swell idea. Conservatives prefer anecdote over fact any day of the week, after all. However, appealing to egg-head technocrats isn't the long form's only sin. It is also guilty of revealing that Canada is rapidly losing its religion, with more and more of her citizens claiming no religious affiliation whatsoever. And for Harper - a social conservative anti-choice demagogue member of the evangelical Christian and Missionary Alliance sect - that probably sealed the long form's fate. Now, Harper's scandal-plagued minority government is facing another election... something like it's fourth in six years, if I recall correctly. To all my Canuck friends, I implore you... IT'S TIME TO FLUSH THIS TURD!!!


  1. Peter King. I kind of like that name. Not quite as cool as Pete Rose or Harold Cox, but noteworthy.

  2. Have to disagree Sir J. We don't have an Obama waiting in the the wings. We do not have a Palin either. In short for the sake of the economy we need this clown for the next four years. Remember we have that Arctic land boondoggle coming in 2013 and ignorant ignatieff nor laughable layton have absolutely no statesmanship whatsoever. just sayin'

  3. Harper is the worst of all possible worlds, in my opinion. He's an authoritarian religious nut and a rigid totalitarian ideologue. I don't mean totalitarian in the sense of a Mao or Stalin or Hitler - I mean in the sense that he has absolutely no flexibility whatsoever. His ideology allows no flexibility. I think Canada could do worse than Ignatieff. Then again, I thought Chretien was the best PM since Laurier.