Tuesday, June 26, 2018


I find it odd that there hasn't been more discussion about what possibly could have been floating through the minds of either the FLOTUS or her handlers regarding her decision -- if indeed it WAS her decision -- to wear a garment adorned with a great, big, block-letters message that could not have been more inappropriate, at every conceivable level, when visiting one of those shameful "tender age detention facilities" near the border with Mexico.

Is there not something distinctly and disturbingly "Trump" about it? About how free of subtlety and nuance it is? About how insultingly direct it is in its rhetorical brutality? And coming straight from one of the most visible representatives of America's commanding heights.

This should be a bigger deal, it seems to me, but it's almost as if it was so wrong, so disgusting, so utterly beyond comprehension for most non-demented people, that nobody in the media, mainstream or otherwise, seems able to get a handle on how to approach it. 

It was actually kind of amazing, watching them try, and then give up, because... what's the point? This really is a case of "it is what it is"... any commentary beyond just playing the video seems... unnecessary? Confounding? Insufficient in every way? It's a real head-spinner, the likes of which has no analog in recent memory. As far as faux-pas go, "Now watch this drive" pales in comparison.

To me, this incident represents a clear moment of escalation in both the New Fascist International's use of pseudo-magickal meme-war, and also in their willingness to "go there" when it comes to confirming the worst fears of right-minded people -- and the hopes and dreams of Trumpnik True Believers -- about how deeply this movement is committed to its spite-sculpted core values (destroying the postwar consensus to own the libs) and how far they're willing to go in service to those values. The latest step down this stairway to hell being the establishment of concentration camps for brown babies.

Am I making too much of this whole jacket thing? I don't believe that I am, and I think it may well be a demarcation point of sorts in historical hindsight, looking back on this era. A friend over at the Rigorous Intuition discussion board brought up a popular slogan in Mussolini's Fascist Italy: "Me ne frego", which loosely translates as "I don't give a fuck". While I currently doubt there's any conscious referencing going on, maybe it's just one of those times when history, while not quite repeating, rhymes. On the other hand, with the likes of Bannon and Miller still in the White House orbit, one can never fully discount the influence of obscure Far Right luminaries like Gabrielle D'Annunzio or Julius Evola.

Another point to keep in mind with all this is the fact that Zara, the company that produces the jacket in question, has a history of marketing apparel of a politically disturbing nature.

If any of you have come across any analysis or explanation that you've found satisfactory, I'd really, really like to see it. So please forward it along, either to my email or leave the link in the comments section.

Sunday, June 10, 2018


by Shalam Yamean

A​ll the world trauma
The fires, shootings, flooding
The travesty, police brutality
The lack and spoil of heart
The smack of the Haarp and foil of theory
Truth will never fear
Some things remain
Like Black Men and Women
Still arguing over identity
In agreement over disunity
Taking sides on shades of skin
Of course they took our names
Can't hide that hand forget the idea of hating White people
Hand over your anger
Don't forget we overstand
Forget even the idea of Whiteness
Just remember their plan
Reassess the assimilation success breeds, overstand
Know the Most High
Leave the idea of Whiteness alone
Unite, ascend to your throne
How many other races have been fighting for this long
For reparations, real reparations for our children too, how many
Just how many have fought for us too, I mean as well
As well as I am with you, I know not everyone who looks like you is
I'm just as tired of seeing Blacks sick and tired
Going hard for everyone else and not us too
It's we love everybody and we still ain't free
I feel when I read Colossians 3:15
For that alone one cannot hate
Peace has been in my heart
Since I've been awake
You know, this neo-colonialism can't stay up
You know, Sierra Leone
Aint that in Africa G
Is that one of those shithole countries
I'm not sure
The third world, ain't poor by happenstance
Kids dying....' young blood' from red white and blue
Yet the majority of the world’s diamonds come from the mining there, I know that's true
True as mind your business boy, there now
Now isn't that there why you don't know about the Coltan in the Congo
Those conflict Minerals
Older than the bones of Ishango
Do the math, the knowledge
How can we be Black and powerless
And somehow dismiss the idea of innate Black power
Nah, nah no pseudo, my brotha
Whether you Hebrew, Yoruba, Israelite, Jew, Moor
More so Christian, skinny, fat, short, tall
Oh yea, don't call me Black
That's way too tall of an order
In this new world order
Wasn't the Bible written by Blacks anyway
'Where' all the miseducation started anyway
This Nations forefather's knew
The papyrus plants cleaned to hold stories of the first kings
You don't believe, well...
"Just because you know Allah don't make you Mu'min"