Wednesday, January 20, 2021


You know your friends who just doesn't seem to get it? The ones who, even if they won't come out and say they support Trump, say stuff like "at least he's better than Clinton/Pelosi/AOC/Biden" or whoever the most recent Two Minute Hate has been directed towards in the media they consume? Do you find yourself struggling to understand how they got that way? 

Adopting a position of dismissive skepticism towards every single expert proclamation, yet infinitely gullible to the obvious lies and utterly transparent frauds of grifters, madmen, and bad faith radicalizers? 

Willing to believe any absurdity as long as it dovetails with their pre-existing beliefs? 

Absolutely inoculated against the truth, reason, and plain common sense? 

Well, maybe it's time you pinched your nose, held your breath, and exposed yourself to the media they consume. Even if only for a few short minutes. It may well be the first step towards understanding the five years we've just gone through together*...

*The whole story of the rise of the New Fascist International(e) is actually a LOT longer than that, but I've recently realized it's going to take a far better person than me to help bring that story to a mass audience.