Friday, March 24, 2017


LOOK at this fucking piece of shit.
  • James Jackson, a White Supremacist military vet who traveled from Maryland to New York City specifically in search of a Black man to murder in public with his super-keen medieval sword, found a victim in Tim Caughman, 66, whom he ran through before running off, then turning himself in at a NYPD substation the next day. But we all know who the real victims are: other White Supremacists!
  • Speaking of White Supremacists, the greasiest member of the Trumpspawn Brood, Donald Trump Junior--who serves as a living reminder that yes, children can be conceived via anal sex--lived down to the family reputation yesterday by using Twitter to launch a lazy, hacky, politically tone-deaf attack on London mayor Sidiq Khan in the wake of his city's vehicular homicide and knife terror attack. Basically, Junior took Khan's (100% valid) comment about the inevitability of such attacks taking place in big international cities entirely out of context. The mayor's refusal to engage with the Chinless Wonder Trump was pretty much the only acceptable course of action. The perpetrator, Khalid Masood, a British-born man of Asian ancestry who has been on the authorities' radar for the better part of a decade, was killed during the attack. 
  • The current (but not for long) Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes (R-Idiot) spent all day apologizing to his Democratic colleagues about his multiple, almost unbelievable "lapses in judgement" both in relation to his handling of information gleaned during the ongoing Senate probe into the Trump administration's ties to the Kremlin (and other organized crime organizations), as well as his unprecedented decision to personally "debrief" Trump, on what he'd learned during closed door sessions, and... well, let's just say that it's going to take an awful lot of fancy footwork by an awful lot of very skilled dancers to keep an Special Prosecutor from being assigned to take over from the obviously--now irreversibly--compromised Senate cabal currently handling things. Hey, wait a minute... does his blazing incompetence technically mean he's one of the good guys?! 
  • Speaking on paradoxes, allow yer old pal Jerky to speculate about Trump issuing ultimatums and forcing Republican House members into a Friday rush vote on his and Paul Ryan's ruinous "replacement" for Obamacare--despite the Koch bros. meddling and the "Freedom Caucus" spanners in the works--and his "threat" that they may otherwise be "stuck with Obamacare"... That, my friends, is precisely what he wants to see happen. Why? Because he knows that if AHCA passes and replaces Obamacare, it would spell disaster for a great many Republicans at the ballot box in 2018. The millions who will lose their coverage if it passes? Trump could not give less of a fuck about them. But if the bill fails to get enough votes, that means Trump gets to go on doing what he most loves to do: whine about Obama, and flop around shrieking like a rapidly deflating orange balloon. Can't you just hear him now, ranting about being betrayed by "career politicians"? Yeah... ACHC failing is win-win, as far as Trump is concerned. 
  • Hey! Have you heard about the incredibly convoluted back-story that grows more bone-chilling the more you find out about it, but which can essentially be boiled down to: "Nikolai Gorokhov, a key witness in the United States vs Prevezon Russian organized crime probe being conducted by US Attorney General Preet Bharara (up until the day Trump fired him) was thrown from a 4th floor window in Moscow the day before he was scheduled to testify before a Moscow appeals court about the Russian prison murder--and subsequent posthumous prosecution for tax evasion!--of former associate Sergei Magnitsky, barely surviving and currently clinging to life"? You haven't? Well... lucky you.
  • Remember early last week, when Rachel Maddow, MSNBC's tomboyish anchor-lesbian with a voice that sounds like she had a yo-yo surgically attached to her uvula, reported that she'd come into possession of a partial tax return from one year out of Trump's many years of unreleased tax returns? Remember how that two page document--cherry picked and leaked by Trump, himself, most likely--proved to be relatively innocuous and somewhat routine? Remember how liberals and the left ripped out their hipster beards in furious frustration, while all the conservatives and right-wingers came together in a seemingly synchronized orgy of idiotic back-slapping celebration? “HAHA! TRUMP WINS AGAIN! WE WIN! WE WIN!!!” Remember that shit? If there exists a method to quantify precisely how stupid each and every step of that story's sprint across the national news cycle was, yer old pal Jerky doesn't know about it.
  • Speaking of Maddow (whom I have grown to admire, believe it or not), she's been doing some of the best work of any television outlet on sinking her teeth into the greasy meat of the Trump/Russia connections. Her latest find, exposing a genuine Russian "Fake News" social-media polluting "bot" operation disguised as a pro-Bernie Sanders account and being run from the dystopian failed state of Albania--and thereby safely beyond the reach of American and most international legal or civil enforcement institutions--has been eye-opening, and has produced tangible, real world, positive results. So, HUZZAH!
1. Last DDD ExecSum, I was nattering on about helping you guys find quality webcomics to follow before wussing out and sub-contracting the job to another blogger, who gave his readers a handful of quality suggestions among the usual suspects. Of course, the very next day, I come across Dundas and Dragons, a Toronto-centric webcomic that turns into something unexpected before you can even contemplate the possibility that you might get bored with it. Trust me on this one... it's a keeper!

2. Man, I hate when this shit happens. On March 10, I wrote about how Trump was "trying to mainstream the long-standing Far Right notion that a significant number of anti-Semitic attacks are self-inflicted false flags." This was in relation to the massive increase in such incidents that has taken place since just prior to Trump's electoral college "victory" in November, one part of which was a seemingly coordinated series of bomb threats called into various Jewish schools, community centers, and synagogues. Today, we learned that a teen-aged Jewish "hacker" in Israel has been arrested on suspicion of being behind a majority of those threats, which, again, while widely reported on, only make up a small part of the overall increase in anti-Semitic incidents. So unless someone has figured out how to desecrate graveyards over the Internet... it should be irrelevant. But, of course, it won't be. Because it looks bad. It looks really bad. And you know who knows that better than most, and who are probably the most outraged over this idiot's incredibly stupid shenanigans? Jews.

3. Dear God is this classic Bill Moyers Journal edition from the Dubya years, titled "Buying the War", which explores the media's role in helping the Bush administration sell the American people on the idea of invading Iraq (and how things didn't get any better in the four years intervening) ever so goddamn depressing. Read more about the episode before watching, but please do watch. It's a vital lesson in recent history from a true and trustworthy master of the television journalism medium.


On camera, I once said This pizza looks like a manhole cover in Flavortown. Willy Wonka had a chocolate stream, you know? So it's taking these iconic food items, these iconic food moments, and giving them a home. They all live in Flavortown. It's like one of those things in The Matrix: You can only get down with Flavortown if you believe in Flavortown. I have people walk up to me and say Hey, I'm a citizen of Flavortown. I have people who want to pledge to be a city council member of Flavortown, or the mechanic. It doesn't stop. What would be the airline of Flavortown? Sausage Airlines? It just doesn't stop. I just said it, and then people heard it. Of course, there's no Flavortown... unless you believe in it.

- If Sammy Hagar fucked a Troll Doll, the offspring would be something not unlike FlavorTown Dictator-for-Life Guy Fieri.


Man, I gotta finish some of the long-form essays I've been working on and adding to over the past five months. At this rate, they'll never get published. One of them was sparked by PizzaGate for fuck's sake! I mean, it's evolved a lot since then, and the concepts I am exploring are still important and poorly covered... but shit man, it's starting to grow potato fingers.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Artist Karen Fiorito's protest billboard, currently on view in Phoenix, AZ

It was with an increasingly familiar mix of great sadness and disappointment last week that I learned the once great journalist Robert Parry, whose work uncovering the interlocking scandals at the festering heart of the Reagan/Bush administrations was vital to my own political awakening, appears to have devolved into an equivocating "reflex lefty" in his dotage, to the point where he's even counting the Russian smear of Chrystia Freeland as some kind of neocon belt-notch, for fuck's sake.

I'm loathe to go over that idiotic brou-haha again, but suffice it to say that Freeland's granddad "really" being a Ukrainian Nazi sympathizer during World War II has less than nothing to do with whether or not dredging up 70 year old newspaper editorials to sully Freeland's reputation can rightly be classified as "Russion disinfo"... which, in my opinion, it certainly can be.

And "New Cold War"? Or, even worse, "New McCarthyism"?! Can there be a lazier, more groundless, less helpful analogy to describe the twisted complex of connections tying a ridiculously unreasonable number of Trump administration figures to Putin's "Great White Gangster" regime in Russia?

Parry's recent writing is so dumbed down, so void of worthwhile insight, so hell bent on connecting dots that aren't there--yet blind to the countless dots waiting impatiently to be connected--it made me wonder whether he's always been this shitty, and his October Surprise and Iran/Contra stories relied on the work of unnamed others. To be honest, I don't even care enough to expend the effort it would take to find out. All things considered, that's a time-wasting luxury at this point.

Which leaves us with a disturbing question: As more and more once-reliable relayers of facts, arbiters of truth, and analysts of context fall prey to the ravages of age, complacency, and the contempt bred by familiarity--or are compromised by waning health and fiscal/social instability--how do we acknowledge the sad and sometimes dangerous decline, while still recognizing and honoring the work these people did when they were at the top of their game?

In this case, after having read a number of his more recent editorials, I feel as though all I can do is toss Parry onto the alt.left heap alongside Glenn Greenwald, Chris Hedges, the editorial staff of Jacobin magazine, and be done with him. Because essentially, anybody still insisting "there's no THERE there" about the Trump/Russia connection is full of shit, full stop. The evidence is overwhelming that the Trump organization AND his administration both have tons of shady dealings with Putin/Russia (the two being interchangeable at this point) and Russian organized crime/oligarchs
(the two being interchangeable at this point).

And NO, I don't say this to "deflect attention from Hillary's shortcomings as a candidate", or out of some suicidal urge to "spark a thermonuclear conflagration", or whatever other idiotic bullshit Susan Sarandon and her fellow travelling purity leftists are spewing of late. I couldn't give less of a fuck about Hillary Clinton at this point. The alt.lefties are the ONLY people bringing up Hillary anymore, and only as part of their lazy, idiot opinioneering.

Speaking of thermonuclear conflagrations, relating to the oft-repeated alt.left notion that the Democrats are "playing a dangerous game" by saying Trump is in Putin's pocket, because such taunting could provoke Trump into taking an aggressive military posture against Russia to prove otherwise, with potentially devastating results... it neglects to take one simple fact into account.  Those who actually know what's going on say that Trump is in Putin's pocket NOT because they want him to take an aggressive posture against Russia, but precisely because they know with 100% certainty that TRUMP CANNOT AND WILL NOT take an aggressive posture against Russia!

This cowardly, sub-moronic whining about how "Putin gonna kill us ALL if we DARE say mean things about him!" is really, REALLY getting on my fucking nerves. "WAAAH! It's a New Cold War! I wet my pants! WAAAH!!!" Fucking tell it to the Ukrainians.

Oh, wait... I forgot! That telegenic young fellow on RT said that "tools of American Empire" ousted Putin's good buddy, the not-at-all-Trump-like and not at all Trump-connected "innocent victim" President Victor Yanukovych in Ukraine by weaponizing that nation's bad, not good Nationalists! And those guys are racist don'tcha know! Unlike Russia, and Putin, who, after all, is, like, you know... a "Great Leader" and stuff. I learned all this on RT between repeating segments pushing Syria and Russia's horrifically successful black propaganda campaign against Syria's White Helmets, so you know it's gotta be true.

Okay, alright... maybe it's not quite that bad. But it's still pretty bad, as this positively hysterical Chris Hedges article will attest.

Go ahead... read it. Am I off my rocker, or is that the insane ramblings of someone who desperately longs to see his worst suspicions about the so-called "Deep State" confirmed, as some twisted sort of vindication or validation of everything he's come to believe about the world? For fuck's sake, Chris Hedges is not a stupid man. If anything, he's probably TOO intelligent... as in, too intelligent for his own good. It's a situation yer old pal Jerky is all too familiar with, what with me being like a GENIUS and all...

I mean, forgive me for making assumptions. It's not like I've undertaken an exhaustive institutional ethnography or anything... but I suspect that America's intel situation is somewhat more sophisticated and nuanced than the alt.left's weather-worn formulation: "NSA, CIA, USA... BAD!

And now I've gone and made myself sick. I realize this edition didn't make much sense. Consider it a tone poem of sorts, a howl of frustration at the crap I see more and more of my friends and peers falling prey to with every passing day.

Anyway... enjoy the rest of the Dirt. I gotta go try to rub one out, just to prove that I still can.

  • Oh, Hey! You know how Trump has repeatedly promised to produce a totally disgusting, nakedly fascistic weekly digest on all the crimes committed by immigrants to the United States of America? The first edition just hit the rhetorical shelves. Hooray for the Homeland.
  • Speaking of Fascist Fuckwits and Far Right stooges, did y’all know that Brexit Bro Nigel Farrage held a meeting with WikiLeaker Julian Assange at his hidey-hole in the Ecuadoran embassy last week? Quite an interesting circle little Julian runs with, ain't it? Trump, Farrage, Le Pen, Greenwald... and maybe Snowden? And then maybe Putin? Any dots to be connected there, do you think?
  • Did you hear about Trump appointing a "massage therapist" from New Hampshire with to be the director of the Office of Technology Transitions at the Energy Department... and then having to fire him NOT because he was totally unqualified, but because his (ahem) "caustic" social media comments came to light? 

1. In this article, Megan Gambino delves into "data journalist" Ben Blatt's by-the-numbers look at literary classics. He's allegedly found some striking patterns, and believes that statistics will one day reveal the secrets of what makes great writing. Personally I think he's going down a dangerous road that will eventually lead to... you know (gestures upwards with eyebrow to robot writing a book, above). In any case, the article begins:
In most college-level literature courses, you find students dissecting small portions of literary classics: Shakespeare’s soliloquies, Joyce’s stream of consciousness and Hemingway’s staccato sentences. No doubt, there is so much that can be learned about a writer, his or her craft and a story’s meaning by this type of close reading.

But Ben Blatt makes a strong argument for another approach. By focusing on certain sentences and paragraphs, he posits in his new book, Nabokov’s Favorite Word is Mauve, readers are neglecting all of the other words, which, in an average-length novel amount to tens of thousands of data points.

The journalist and statistician created a database of the text from a smattering of 20th century classics and bestsellers to quantitatively answer a number of questions of interest. His analysis revealed some quirky patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed:

By the numbers, the best opening sentences to novels do tend to be short. Prolific author James Patterson averages 160 clichés per 100,000 words (that’s 115 more than the revered Jane Austen), and Vladimir Nabokov used the word mauve 44 times more often than the average writer in the past two centuries. talked with Blatt about his method, some of his key findings and why big data is important to the study of literature.
Read the interview at It's actually pretty cool, regardless of yer old pal Jerky's long-time robophobic tendencies.

2. You say you've been thinking about reading more webcomics, but you don't know where to start? Well, why not let this list of the Best Webcomics of 2015 serve as your starting point? I realize it's a bit out of date at this point, and personally I only care for about a third of the strips listed... but 2 years isn't that long ago, and 1 out of 3 ain't bad when it comes to webcomics! So until yer old pal Jerky completes his own list of recommended webcomics, this one is going to have to do. Besides, any list of webcomics that recommends Perry Bible Fellowship is tops in my book!

3. Our old pal Kieth Olbermann again, by way of Gilda Radner, helping to underline how and why, when it comes to "Russia! Russia! Russia!", there actually is a "there" there.


You’ve gotta be real careful around here. You get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody believes. This is like ‘30s Germany. I don’t know what happened.

- when asked about attending Trump's inauguration by Jimmy Kimmel, Tim Allen compares people questioning his political judgment to being railroaded into concentration camps, then subjected to the most meticulous and technocratically rigorous attempted genocide of the Modern era. So, yea, it's pretty obvious he really doesn't know what happened.


This shit is getting re-donk-ulous.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Think Progress reports:
There’s now a vast web of circumstantial evidence and questions surrounding the Trump administration’s alleged contacts with Russian state actors during the campaign, most of which leaked out over months. And for many people, the web of allegations and the Trump administration’s frequently shifting official story has been very difficult to follow. 
On Monday, FBI director James Comey testified in front of the House Intelligence committee as part of Congress’ ongoing investigation in the matter. Before his testimony, the committee’s ranking Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff (CA) laid out of all of the circumstantial evidence that has built up so far connecting the Trump campaign to Russian state actors seeking the intervene in the election. 
Schiff emphasizes in his opening that he is drawing only on public reports, not all of which have been confirmed. His opening statement, however, is a good summary of everything that has come out so far. 
Watch it here:

Sunday, March 19, 2017


While most pop culture mavens are mourning the loss of one of Rock and Roll's last great innovators, yer old pal Jerky can't help but be more upset over the passing of one of the giants of the comic book industry: Bernie Wrightson

With a style so distinct that most comics aficionados can identify his work at a quick glance, Wrightson is perhaps most widely known for his work in horror anthologies and for having co-created, with writer Len Wein, the enduring character known as Swamp Thing. But his legacy stretches far beyond the funny books ghetto, thanks to his illustration work for a prestige edition of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (50 gorgeous pen-and-ink pieces in all), as well as such popular fair as Stephen King's Cycle of the Werewolf

Producing top quality art for everyone from Marvel and DC, Dark Horse and Warren Publishing, and countless indie publishers on top, picking a favorite from his vast oeuvre is impossible. I do, however, hold a fond place in my memory for his over-sized comic book adaptation of Stephen King and George Romero's movie Creepshow, which, coincidentally, is finally getting a reprint this May. 

  • The impeachment and ouster of South Korean president Park Geun-hye after a bizarre year-long scandal involving everything from a sunken ferry boat to strange religious cults is being both celebrated and protested in Seoul. And that's part of the reason why stability and North Korea’s recent missile tests are so troubling, and at the top of the agenda for US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's regional tour, which has stops in Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo.
  • Oh, hey! That reminds me! Did y'all hear about how the Chinese government decided to "honor" their guests by forgiving 80 percent of the President's Son-in-Law’s outstanding debts? Isn't that sweet of them? I mean, blatant disregard for the law be damned... the way I see it, it's just nice to see people being good to each other for a change! 
  • In going over recent DDD Exec Sum's, yer old pal Jerky noticed that he hadn't referenced the Trump administration's decision, inspired by something Sean Hannity said on FOX News, ordering 46 holdover U.S. attorneys to quit, which, aside from the fact that it was sparked by FOX News, isn't all that unusual. 
  • I have also neglected to mention the fact that powerful Manhattan prosecutor Preet Bharara, who had previously been given leave to carry on with his important work, was fired after refusing to submit his resignation. That one, it turns out, isn't quite so "usual". Nor is it "usual" that Bharara's firing might have been prompted by the fact that, along with his investigation into Trump's pick to head up Health and Human Services, Tom Price, Bharara was also investigating (and please note the circular synchronicity at play here) FOX NEWS! Believe it or not, it gets even more sordid when you start digging through the details.
  • Another story I haven't had much to say about is the revelation that history's shortest-serving National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, had to admit that he was working as "a paid foreign agent" last year, representing the interests of the Turkish government in a dispute with the US, and during a pretty crazy time for that government (remember the "coup"?)... all while simultaneously serving as a key member of Trump's campaign! What the hell is it with these people? It's like they're constitutionally incapable of behaving ethically. 
  • And, finally for today, nearly a month after yer old pal Jerky's prediction that Nazi-sympathizing Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka would "soon go bye-bye", a bigger stink is finally being raised over the man's ties to a Hungarian Fascist group responsible for handing hundreds of thousands of Jews over to the Nazis during World War II. We'll keep you posted!

1. Okay, so it's time to buckle the fuck up. Taking an estimated 41 minutes to read (thanks for that feature, Medium!) this heavy-duty think piece argues, quite convincingly in this reader's opinion, that Donald Trump's "victory" in November was NOT, as has been posited by observers from both the alt.right and the alt.left, a blow against the "Deep State" (who are now, as that narrative would have it, in open rebellion against him). Rather, it can more accurately be described as a by-product of an ongoing war between two distinct factions of the Deep State.

Titled "How the Trump Regime was Manufactured by a War Inside the Deep State", Nafeez Ahmed's article aims to explore how "a systemic crisis in the global Deep System has driven the violent radicalization of a Deep State faction", and this it does, in pretty convincing fashion. It begins thusly:
President Donald Trump is not fighting a war on the establishment: he’s fighting a war to protect the establishment from itself, and the rest of us.
At first glance, this isn’t obvious. Among his first actions upon taking office, Trump vetoed the Trans Pacific Partnership, the controversial free trade agreement which critics rightly said would lead to US job losses while giving transnational corporations massive power over national state policies on health, education and other issues. 
Trump further plans to ditch the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and US, which would have diluted key state regulations on the activities of transnational corporates on issues like food safety, the environment and banking; and to renegotiate NAFTA, potentially heightening tensions with Canada. 
Trump appears to be in conflict with the bulk of the US intelligence community, and is actively seeking to restructure the government to minimize checks and balances, and thus consolidate his executive power. 
His White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon, has restructured the National Security Council, granting himself and Trump’s Chief of Staff Richard ‘Reince’ Priebus permanent seats on the NSC’s Principals’ Committee – opening the door to the White House politicization of the government’s highest national security body. 
Trump’s White House has purged almost the entire senior staff of the State Department, and tested the loyalty of the Department of Homeland Security with its new ‘Muslim ban’ order. 
So what is going on? One approach to framing the Trump movement comes from Jordan Greenhall, who sees it as a conservative (“Red Religion”) Insurgency against the liberal (“Blue Church”) Globalist establishment (the “Deep State”). Greenhall suggests, essentially, that Trump is leading a nationalist coup against corporate neoliberal globalization using new tactics of “collective intelligence” by which to outsmart and outspeed his liberal establishment opponents. 
But at best this is an extremely partial picture. 
In reality, Trump has ushered in something far more dangerous: 
The Trump regime is not operating outside the Deep State, but mobilizing elements within it to dominate and strengthen it for a new mission. 
The Trump regime is not acting to overturn the establishment, but to consolidate it against a perceived crisis of a wider transnational Deep System. 
The Trump regime is not a conservative insurgency against the liberal establishment, but an act of ideologically constructing the current crisis as a conservative-liberal battleground, led by a particularly radicalized white nationalist faction of a global elite. 
The act is a direct product of a global systemic crisis, but is a short-sighted and ill-conceived reaction, pre-occupied with surface symptoms of that crisis. Unfortunately, those hoping to resist the Trump reaction also fail to understand the system dynamics of the crisis. 
All this can only be understood when we look at the big picture.
And that's precisely what Nafeez does for the remaining 39 minutes it will take you to read (or 7 minutes to skim) his assessment of the emerging Trumpian realpolitik; naming names, and connecting dots. Kudos on a job well done. Be sure to check out his follow-up reporting on this subject, too. I know I certainly will be.

2. This hilarious Washington Post editorial explains exactly why Trump's new budget is just the thing to whip a whimpy, flabby America back into tip-top shape! I guffawed, legit LOLs, a number of times while reading.

3. You've been good today, class, so it's time for the AV geeks to roll out the equipment so we can all watch a video together! From the description: "Why do so many people use the internet to harass and threaten people, and stretch the freedom of speech to its limits? Director Kyrre Lien meets a global group of strongly opinionated individuals, who spend their time debating online on the subjects they care most strongly about. Online platforms are their favourite tools to express the opinions that others might find objectionable in language that often offends. Do they behave in the same way when they come offline?"


Nobody’s dealing with the real issue with this fucking clown as president, and the shit that we dealing with out here, so I wanted to take time out to push pause on a party record and make one of these records for the time being... It’s a lot of clown shit going on that we could just sit and talk on the phone all day about, but it’s a few issues that we really wanted to lock into, like police, the president and just life in general.

- Snoop Dogg explains why he made a video in which he's shown pointing a gun at a clown version of Donald Trump's head.

  • New at the Kubrick U blog! We check out the latest documentary, S is for Stanley!
  • I've created a new blog! A cool new trailer for a cool new movie is up at The Mediavore! 
  • If you want to learn about some cool and/or weird things that happened on whatever day of history that it happens to be when you're reading this, why not check out our sister-site, Useless Eater Blog? You're sure to find something of interest, guaranteed!

GEERT! Wilders underperformed in the Netherlands elections, but that doesn't mean he, nor the ideology that fuels him, are going away any time soon...

Wednesday, March 15, 2017



Today, spare a thought for the Dutch, who are embarking on the first national elections in the Western world since 2016's nationalist one-two punch of the UK's Brexit vote, and the "victory" of Donald Trump in the United States Presidential contest. Looking to score a right-wing hat trick is the Netherlands' Freedom Party leader, Geert Wilders, who in photographs always looks like he's saying his own name: "GEERT!"

With a "populist" (anti-Muslim) message and a head of hair that rivals Trump's for sheer ridiculousness, this perennial opposition figure's party has a shooting chance of winning the most seats in parliament... but zero chance of becoming anything but, in the best (or worst) case scenario, an opposition on steroids. This is due to the vagaries of the Dutch parliamentary system, combined with the high number of popular parties, which all but mandates multi-party, coalition governments. So... Hooray, bureaucracy! 

Unless you're a fucking Nazi piece of shit, like Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa), one of Wilders' many Far Right/reactionary/Islamophobic American cheerleaders, who yesterday took to the Twitter machine to declare: "Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies." King later went on CNN to defend his views, babbling some bullshit about birth rates and bloodlines and how he only wants to see immigrants integrate better into society, fooling no one. 

Other members of the Geert Wilders Fan Club include Steve Bannon (natch!), a bunch of anonymous wealthy right-wing assholes, and former Stalinist, current fascist David Horowitz, one of the vilest creatures ever to crawl from the muck of ideological confusion. This Jewish man's hate for Muslims runs so deep, he's willing to break multiple laws just for the opportunity to stuff cash into a foreign Neo-Nazi politico's pockets. 

But guess what? It turns out Horowitz's contributions might be kosher, after all! Not legally speaking, of course, but if we're going by the matrilineal rule, it hardly matters, does it? After all, if it's good enough for the Fuhrer...


Everybody’s talking about the potentially catastrophic consequences of implementing Trumpcare, which could see up to 24 million Americans losing their healthcare coverage, according to an in-depth investigation conducted by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office. Not that Trump, his Redcap True Believers, or the average Republican give a crap what the CBO has to say about such things anymore. Their attitude towards such “reality based” organizations can be boiled down to its essential conceit: “Experts don’t know shit.”

But now, the Washington Post has seen a preliminary version of Trump’s proposed budget, and according to their analysis, along with a “historic contraction” of the federal workforce and slashing cuts to any department that doesn’t involve killing or caging people, it’s looking like up to 12 million Americans might lose their housing.

Makes you wonder how much more "American Carnage" people are going to take before they've finally had their fill, and enough of them wake up to the fact that there isn't anybody out there in the wilderness who's going to wander back around and save them from the Bad Guys who've taken over their government. They're going to have to do it for themselves.


1. In an effort to break out of my self-imposed ideological bubble, I've decided to try and read at least a couple "controversial" articles or essays every day that go against my usual political sympathies. So from now on, just because you see an article recommended in the DDD's Suggested Readings section, that doesn't necessarily mean that it gets yer old pal Jerky's seal of approval. So now, with that caveat out of the way, here's gay conservative Andrew Sullivan's essay asking the rhetorical question: "Is Intersectionality a Religion?"

Published in the most recent issue of New York Magazine, it tells the woe-filled tale of how a bunch of pink-haired, slogan-shouting undergrads wouldn't allow a scheduled talk by Charles Murray--he of Bell Curve, "you're not racist because Blacks are genetically inferior" infamy--to proceed as scheduled. In the ensuing melee, hair got pulled, neck muscles got wrenched, and a concussion was allegedly incurred (although the nonchalant post-attack behavior of the victims, as described by Sullivan himself, make some of his more spectacular claims seem suspect).

As I read the story, and watched the embedded video, I felt a curious mix of emotions. As one of the few people who actually bothered to read Murray and Herrnstein's Bell Curve, as well as literally hundreds of articles, op-eds, and book-length rebuttals of their work, I am fully aware of both his shoddy scholarship and his moral decrepitude. So watching him be given the business didn't exactly break my heart. On the other hand, there is certainly something disturbingly cult-like about the students' behavior on display.

And so, even though I realize it's going to ignite an anti-SJW fire in some of my readers' hearts, I'm trusting most of you will be sufficiently self-aware to understand that such knee-jerk emotional reactions (which I, myself, share) are neither a worthy foundation for a political position, nor are they admirable in and of themselves.

With that said, I'd love to hear your comments. Email me at and I'll publish them in a future posting.

2. Our second "controversial" suggestion for this edition comes from what used to be one of my favorite cultural literary digests, The Baffler. It's Yasha Levine's story, From Russia, With Panic, and it contains an extended narrative about Russia's 2008 conflict with Georgia over South Ossetia, which the author believes serves as a historical reminder about the dangers of overstating the perils posed by so-called "cyberwarfare". Although this story does have a faint whiff of paradoxical Putin-apologism-cum-purity-leftism about it, the stench isn't quite so cloying or pervasive as it is with so many other examples of that ideologically misbegotten cohort. Anyway, at the very least, it's an interesting lesson about a recent chapter in Russian history that most of us had already forgotten. Just try to ignore the fact that Levine is one of those who has taken it upon himself to help validate the Kremlin's smear of Canadian Foreign Minister Christya Freeland as a "scumbag Nazi Collabo" over something her grandfather wrote in a Ukrainian newsletter 3/4 of a fucking century ago. So... you know... caveat lector.

3. Speaking of Putin, the Kremlin, and their destabilization targets in the West, here's a quick read from McLean's Magazine, Canada's version of Time or Newsweek, discussing Russia's Coming Attack on Canada, in which they posit that the smear campaign against Freeland is probably only the start. It begins:
Moscow has been waging an increasingly daring clandestine war against western democracies. Under the direction of President Vladmir Putin, Russia is targeting most of the major members of the western alliance. In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned of Russian attempts at cyber attacks. In France, Moscow has funded right-wing populist Marine Le Pen and is alleged to be spreading false propaganda about her opponents. There are now reports from British parliamentarians that Russia may have meddled with the Brexit campaign. And, of course, Putin’s interference in the U.S. Presidential election has lit a tire fire in Washington that may bring down the Trump administration, and at the very least has left America’s political institutions reeling, and its alliances weakened. 
Moscow is being forced to play these aggressive and risky games out of desperation. The country is in bad shape and it is getting worse. The once great superpower now has an economy smaller than Canada’s and it continues to shrink. Even though they spend 5 per cent of their GDP on defence, Russia’s military forces have grown so rusted out they can barely get their last aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean and back without breaking down. Even the ragtag Ukrainians have fought them to a standstill. Diplomatically, Moscow has never been so isolated and powerless. You can count its friends on one hand, and it’s not an impressive list: Syria, Iran, Belarus. 
In a rules-based international system where your influence is measured by the size of your economy, your cultural soft-power, and your stature in multilateralism, Moscow has become an afterthought. And, if Russia didn’t still have a cold war nuclear arsenal, it would garner even less attention. So, losing the international game of chess, Putin is seeking to knock over the board itself—to discredit the multilateral world order, and destabilize the comparably strong western alliance. 
Canada is a logical target.
Keep reading. Especially if you're a Canuck, like yer old pal Jerky. 


He’s won status and respect of the president... and talks all the time to Jared!

- In an effort to set minds at ease over the apparent sidelining and public invisibility of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Phillip "Bob" Corker Jr. (R-TN) would like to remind everyone that the man gets along swimmingly with the President's Son-in-Law. So, you know... it's all good!

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I drew something last night I'd like to share with y'all. Here it is! A blue and yellow man with red eyes, for no reason whatsoever. Hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, March 12, 2017


  • Okay, I realize everybody's already seen it, but watching Korea specialist Professor Robert Kelly's Skype interview with the BBC getting interrupted by his kids, followed by his wife's desperate attempt to get the kids out of his home office, probably did more to lift global spirits than anything since November's disastrous US election night results. So, HUZZAH! Also, if you're one of those irrepressible sour-pusses for whom this video was a disturbing reminder of the ever present deadening hand of the Patriarchy or some other such shit, then please allow this great rundown of why you should allow yourself to enjoy this accidental spectacle to get you back on the human track!
  • Yer old pal Jerky is sad to report that, with the publication of his latest piece at Nation of Change, so-called "journalist" Dave Lindorff has joined the ranks of Julian Assange/WikiLeaks, The Intercept/Glenn Greenwald, CounterPunch/Chris Hedges, Jacobin, and pretty much anyone who cashes a paycheck from/appears on Russia Today as having lost all credibility on the issue of Donald Trump and Russia. The depths to which some of these so-called “purity leftists” have sunk in their most recent efforts to wave off scrutiny of the increasingly obvious and nefarious overlap between this White House and the dark and dirty nexus of the Kremlin/Russian oligarchs/Russian organized crime... it boggles the goddamn mind. I mean, this Lindorff guy actually used to be a respected journalist of sorts. And now, he's peddling WikiLeaks' (intentional) "misinterpretation" of their CIA document dump--days after it's been definitively debunked--and worst of all, now he's echoing Assange's disgusting fanning of the Seth Rich murder conspiracy flames? Nope... sorry Lindorff. There's simply no un-jumping that shark.
  • Trump's army of Redcap deplorables has struck again, this time in Port St. Lucie, Florida, where 64-year-old Richard Lloyd tried to burn down a convenience store because he mistakenly believed the Indian owners were Muslim Arabs... and because they failed to stock his preferred brand of orange juice. Upon giving himself up at the scene, where he had rolled a large dumpster in front of the store's entrance, filled it with signs torn down from the front of the store and set the whole thing on fire, Lloyd reportedly told sheriff’s deputies that he was trying to "burn the building to the ground" in order to "run the Arabs out of the country." While appearing in court the day after his arrest on arson charges, Lloyd informed the court that he will be representing himself, and that he was just "doing his part for America." No word yet as to the identity of Lloyd's favorite brand of orange juice, but as soon as I find out, I'll let y'all know.
Speaking of hate crimes, I’m frankly shocked more of a fuss hasn't been made about Trump's attempt to mainstream the long-standing Far Right notion that a significant number of anti-Semitic attacks are self-inflicted “false flag” events. 

Trump made this claim last Tuesday, at a gathering of attorneys general, when asked about the sharp rise in anti-Semitic incidents since his election (which, coincidentally, was seen as a victory by the likes of Richard Spencer and David Duke). He answered that often such incidents were "the reverse", and that they were carried out "to make people, or to make others, look bad." 

Now, while faked hate crimes do, indeed, take place--on both sides of the political divide--pushing the idea that a majority, a plurality, or even a significant minority of these incidents are bogus is a dangerous road to travel down, particularly at this fraught historical moment. Some of the many reasons why this is the case are explored in Sam Kestenbaum's article for The Forward

But The Forward is a publication targeted at a Jewish readership. Considering the fact that the Jews own the media, why hasn't a bigger stink been raised about the President--particularly THIS President--saying “y’all are doing it to yourselves to make me look bad!”?  

Am I right people?! Are you with me?!


1. Now that a fairly well preserved and undeniably gorgeous 3000-year-old collosal statue of Ramses II has been discuvered beneath the streets of a Cairo slum... yer old pal Jerky can't help but wonder how many more incredible finds lie in wait for our shovels and eyeballs? Read all about what's being called one of the greatest archaeological finds of the past century and a half!

2. This Vulture feature interview with an epic-beard-bedecked David Letterman proves, yet again, that David Letterman was, is, and forever will be, the greatest. When interviewer David Marchese asks Dave about the many, many times he'd interviewed Donald Trump over the years, the reply is great:
I always regarded him as, if you’re going to have New York City, you gotta have a Donald Trump. He was a joke of a wealthy guy. We didn’t take him seriously. He’d sit down, and I would just start making fun of him. He never had any retort. He was big and doughy, and you could beat him up. He seemed to have a good time, and the audience loved it, and that was Donald Trump. Beyond that, I remember a friend in the PR business told me that he knew for a fact — this was three or four presidential campaigns ago — that Donald Trump would never run for president; he was just monkeying around for the publicity. So I assumed that was the story and now it turns out he’s the president. Now, who owns New York? 
It’s a family. The Wassersteins.
Say the head of the family, let’s say his name was Larry Wasserstein. If Larry behaved the way Donald behaves, for even a six-week period, the family would get together and say, “Jesus, somebody better call the doctor.” Then they’d ask him to step down. But Trump’s the president and he can lie about anything from the time he wakes up to what he has for lunch and he’s still the president. I don’t get that. I’m tired of people being bewildered about everything he says: “I can’t believe he said that.” We gotta stop that and instead figure out ways to protect ourselves from him. We know he’s crazy. We gotta take care of ourselves here now.
Read the whole thing. Especially if you're my mom, who loves Dave to bits. You're gonna love this interview, Ma!

3. Okay, we've had a wondrous historical find, and we've visited with a beloved old friend. Now, it's time to get down to business, this time via an essay entitled What He Could Do, the work of Mark Danner, for the always estimable New York Review of Books. After a noteworthy caricature and an epigram from Stephen Bannon (about whom more in coming editions of the DDD), it begins:
Standing beneath the dais on inauguration day, squeezed uncomfortably between the Washington establishment gathered at the west front of the Capitol and Trump’s hooting supporters on the lawn below—“Lock her up! Lock her up!” they chanted when Hillary Clinton was introduced—I marveled that the rain that had threatened for hours chose to fall at the precise second the newly sworn president opened his mouth to speak. It seemed a grim joke, so obvious as to be in bad taste, bringing forth inevitable clichés of an Age of Trump ushered in by weeping skies. I felt the water run down my face (all umbrellas had been confiscated); and yet it took only a few hours to learn I’d been mistaken. “You know, I looked at the rain,” the expansive new president told the black-tied attendees at the Liberty Ball that evening, “which just…never came!” By the next day he was telling CIA employees that “God looked down and he said, ‘We’re not going to let it rain on your speech!’” Soon he was raving about the sunshine.
This is a lengthy, girthy, even a meaty read, but trust yer old pal Jerky, it's worth risking a mental UTI to climb aboard and take the ride.


“The fatal conceit of Obamacare is, we're just going to make everybody buy our health insurance at the federal government level, young and healthy people are going to go into the market and pay for the older, sicker people. So, the young healthy person is going to be made to buy health care, and they're going to pay for the person who gets breast cancer in her 40's, or who gets heart disease in his 50's. The whole idea of Obamacare is ... the people who are healthy pay for the people who are sick. It's not working, and that's why it's in a death spiral.

- Wisconsin Representative and inexplicably reputed "policy wonk" and "Republican intellectual" Paul Ryan (R-Cheesehead) lets us all know that he has no idea how health insurance works. Either that, or he's against the basic concept of insurance, on a philosophical level. Which I don't think is what he was going for with the goofy shit he was spewing in the above video. Thankfully, Ryan is being subjected to widespread public ridicule for his incredible gaffe.

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If y'all are going to the movies, check out Logan and Jordan Peele's directorial debut, Get Out. Both are excellent.

Thursday, March 9, 2017



Hoo-boy! That's sure been some impressive roll-out for Trumpcare, hasn't it? It's going almost as smoothly, and is proving almost as popular, as last month's Muslim Ban! And with defenders like Utah Rep Jason Chaffetz out there doing the media rounds in support of it, with such spectacular results, it's becoming more obvious with every passing day that the Trump White House really does run like a well-oiled machine. This machine, to be precise:

That's an automatic pig rectum remover. According to the technical specs, "a single operator can cut 1200 pigs / hour, easy to use, does not require much skill." Which means it's perfect for the Trump administration. Any members of that operation seeking a demonstration of said unit may contact yours truly via the usual avenues.


In his most recent op-ed piece, former Clinton cabinet official Robert Reich suggests that there are only three possible reasons behind Trump's Twitter rampage from last weekend, in which he accused his predecessor of wiretapping Trump Tower's phones.  Each explanation, Reich declares, is more terrifying than the last.

The first possibility is that Trump is even crazier than most of us already suspect. The second possibility is that Trump is correct, but that would likely also entail him being guilty of high crimes, up to and including treason. The third possible explanation also necessitates assuming guilt on Trump's part, as it entails him making efforts to "get ahead" of revelations that he knows are soon to drop. It's an offensive defense posture and a risky gambit, indeed.

These all seem like credible explanations to yer old pal Jerky, but allow me to suggest a fourth possibility: frustrated projection. It's what he would have done were he in Obama's shoes last year. So that has to be the explanation for why his dirty deals with Russian oligarchs, mobsters, and the Great Oligarch Mobster Putin are being exposed to the scorching light of day (no matter how hard the talking heads of RT, or Glenn Greenwald, or Julian Assange try to convince us all otherwise).

Actually, after malignant pathological narcissism, projection provides a pretty solid explanation for pretty much everything Trump says and does.

  • Why did China fast-track the granting of 38 Trump "trademarks"--including licenses for Trump brand massage parlors and escort services--and how is it that so far it's only the business press that seems to have picked up on this rather incredible (and doubtless at least somewhat illegal) development?
  • When informed by journalists that some pervy sickos were using their social media platform to share questionable, sexualized photographs of kids, why did Facebook refuse to look into the problem unless and until said journalists provided examples of these images? And furthermore, when said journalists complied with Facebook's request, why did Facebook then go ahead and report said journalists to the authorities, accusing them of emailing questionable, sexualized photographs of kids?! I mean, what the fuck, Facebook?!
  • Why are the alt.right/alt.left darlings at WikiLeaks trying to trick people into thinking that their latest data dump features documents showing US intel is "framing Russia" for the DNC hack, when there is exactly ZERO evidence for such a scenario? 
  • Here's a fun little thought experiment for you: Say President Obama were to invite InfoWars founder and alt.right media juggernaut Alex Jones over to his house one evening in order to break bread and "discuss the state of the world". How long do you figure it would take, in minutes, before Starfucker Jones got down on his knees and sucked Obama's dick? I'll go conservative and say it takes a full half hour.

    1. With An Insider's View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America, the folks at Alternet have given us a clip-and-save-worthy essay that serves both as a damning indictment of the dangerous mindset that has captured a sizable chunk of America's rural population, and a dire warning about the implications of ceding any more ideological ground to that already over-represented demographic. One highlight is a presentation of "the honest truths that rural Christian white Americans don’t want to accept." Until they accept these truths, nothing is going to change:
    • Their economic situation is largely the result of voting for supply-side economic policies that have been the largest redistribution of wealth from the bottom/middle to the top in U.S. history.
    • Immigrants haven’t taken their jobs. If all immigrants, legal or otherwise, were removed from the U.S., our economy would come to a screeching halt and food prices would soar.
    • Immigrants are not responsible for companies moving their plants overseas. The almost exclusively white business owners are responsible, because they care more about their shareholders (who are also mostly white) than about American workers.
    • No one is coming for their guns. All that has been proposed during the entire Obama administration is having better background checks.
    • Gay people getting married is not a threat to their freedom to believe in whatever white god they want to. No one is going to make their church marry gays, have a gay pastor or accept gays for membership.
    • Women having access to birth control doesn’t affect their lives either, especially women they complain about being teenage single mothers.
    • Blacks are not “lazy moochers living off their hard-earned tax dollars” any more than many of their fellow rural neighbors. People in need are people in need. People who can’t find jobs because of their circumstances, a changing economy or outsourcing overseas belong to all races.
    • They get a tremendous amount of help from the government they complain does nothing for them. From the roads and utility grids they use to farm subsidies, crop insurance and commodities protections, they benefit greatly from government assistance. The Farm Bill is one of the largest financial expenditures by the U.S. government. Without government assistance, their lives would be considerably worse.
    • They get the largest share of Food Stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.
    • They complain about globalization, yet line up like everyone else to get the latest Apple products. They have no problem buying foreign-made guns, scopes and hunting equipment. They don’t think twice about driving trucks whose engines were made in Canada, tires made in Japan, radios made in Korea, and computer parts made in Malaysia.
    • They use illicit drugs as much as any other group. But when other people do it is a “moral failing” and they should be severely punished, legally. When they do it, it is a “health crisis” that needs sympathy and attention.
    • When jobs dry up for whatever reason, they refuse to relocate but lecture the poor in places like Flint for staying in failing towns.
    • They are quick to judge minorities for being “welfare moochers,” but don’t think twice about cashing their welfare checks every month.
    • They complain about coastal liberals, but taxes from California and New York cover their farm subsidies, help maintain their highways and keep the hospitals in their sparsely populated rural areas open for business.
    • They complain about “the little man being run out of business,” and then turn around and shop at big-box stores.
    • They make sure outsiders are not welcome, deny businesses permits to build, then complain about businesses, plants opening up in less rural areas.
    • Government has not done enough to help them in many cases, but their local and state governments are almost completely Republican and so are their representatives and senators. Instead of holding them accountable, they vote them into office over and over and over again.
    • All the economic policies and ideas that could help rural America belong to the Democratic Party: raising the minimum wage, strengthening unions, spending on infrastructure, renewable energy growth, slowing down the damage done by climate change, and healthcare reform. All of these and more would really help a lot of rural white Americans.
    Read the entire essay. It's important.

    2. Hey now! THIS is the stuff! "A philosophy comic about the inevitable anguish of living a brief life in an absurd world. Also jokes." If you're an under-employed, over-educated citizen of the ongoing slow-motion disaster movie that is NOW, then Existential Comics might be just the thing to put a smile on your face. Not the first one, though... that one is heavy as fuck. Thankfully, the comics get shorter, more colorful, and funnier as the series progresses. Enjoy!

    3. Kooky Canadian Conservative Party leadership candidate Kellie Leitch unleashed a startling video upon an unsuspecting public last week, and it left most Canadians wondering what in the name of the Littlest Hobo was this young lady's major malfunction?! Here's the entire thing if you think you can stomach her "golly gee willikers" tomboy affectation, her tuna noodle casserole accent, and her Trump Lite brand of condescending, thinly-veiled anti-immigrant idiocy, all delivered through a face that attempts to approximate sincerity, but succeeds only in delivering a smirking sneer. The real attraction here, however, is the startling array of awkward pauses that Leitch cycles through for the duration. A partial catalog is featured in this pared down version of her original:


    “The short answer? A transparent, oil-based, pressure-sensitive, non-permanent attempt to fix something the easiest and cheapest way possible that never gets to the source of the problem that created the situation in the first place. Appearing to be a good solution on the surface to those meant as the audience - but at the core it is deceptive and lazy.

    - Michele Sarna's reply to a fellow Facebook user who asked "What do you mean?" in response to her comment about how every time she sees Trump using scotch-tape in lieu of a tie pin, it seems like a perfect metaphor for his presidency.

    • I've created a new blog! The Mediavore! From Cult to Canon, from Classic to Trash, this is the place to find out what yer old pal Jerky thinks about all the latest media! Cinema! Books! Music! Comics! Television! Bullet Reviews! In-depth Analysis! If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to send them along!
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    Coming Soon: A Dossier on Steve Bannon!