Saturday, April 2, 2011


"It is rather telling that what Douglas Copeland read on CBC radio was a piece of fiction about a post-apocalyptic world when some Canadians have already experienced it."

- My old pal and fellow blogger Basil Papademos raises some very good points in this blog about two of Canada's most respected culture vultures... one still living and one long dead.


"Soft and sweet and shaped like a triangle / Some girls are ashamed and they shave it all / That's so wacky, hurts with discomfort / Walking around they look like an eight year old / I say grow that shit like a jungle / Give him something strong to hold onto / Let it fly in the open wind / If it get too bushy, you can trim!"

- Yer old pal Jerky has such a crush on that glorious weirdo Amanda Fucking Palmer. Watch the video to her latest song below...