Monday, May 22, 2017


Yer old pal Jerky would like to thank the Church of Satan for going ahead and informing us that this is NOT, in fact, part of any sanctioned Satanic ritual that they currently know of. And of course, the Twitterverse was ever at the ready with Palantir jokes and weird science-fiction references. I have a feeling at least half of this week's edition of The President Show just wrote itself.

Thursday, May 18, 2017



Yer old pal Jerky confesses to having something of a semi-Platonic man-crush (or is it a trans-crush?) on rising Youtube anti-anti-SJW video producer ContraPoints, whose videos are becoming so aesthetically pleasing and artistically complex that they're bound to bust out of the confines of Youtube, which has become nothing less than a full-blown alt-right propaganda platform in recent years. Contra is too good for those fuckers--like Sargoon of Arcade and his vile ilk--is what I'm saying.



Dear Friends;

Historically, 'twas ever thus that Republicans, Evangelicals, fundamentalist Christians, right-wing reactionaries, and conservative movementarians of every stripe have pushed the notion that Democrats, liberals, social justice activists, minorities, and pretty much everyone they disapprove of are either ethically dubious, morally bankrupt, or just flat-out evil. On the extreme end of this spectrum you have the conspiritard contingency, who frequently resort to accusing those with whom they disagree of literally being in league with Satan. 

The latest iteration of the Right's non-stop idiotic square dance is the corrosive alt-right conspiracy theory that goes by the name of "Pizzagate", a confection first cooked up in the online fever swamp of the Chans before the New Fascist International element within the Deep State seized upon it, weaponized it, and spun it out into the world via their bought and paid for disinfo partners from a wide variety of tightly controlled fringe fields and propaganda outlets.  

Yer old pal Jerky is still hard at work compiling evidence and crafting a gestalt take on recent events, taking all of the above into account, so I'll have a lot more to say--and more names to name--in the very near future. In the meantime, however, regarding this notion that liberals and Democrats are morally lax... I would like to present a counter-argument in the form of this list of right-wing, conservative Republican adulterers, rapists, and child molesters. 

So the next time you see some conservative commentator on FOX News, bellowing and shrieking about something or other, just remember to picture them screaming into a mirror, because that's exactly what they're doing, even though they aren't aware of it.

Yer Old Pal Jerky

PS - A brief note before we begin: I did NOT compile this list, which has been floating around the Internet for ages (which accounts for how out of date it is... it doesn't even have former House Majority Leader Denny Hastert!), and which I found on a sub-page at this website, but I did authenticate all the entries, and all the facts check out.  I reproduce it here, and urge you all to clip and save it, and post it up at your own websites and blogs, so that our TRUTH can eventually win out against their LIES.

The Shameful Record of Republican Personal Immorality 

Conservatives promote the idea that Democrats should hang their heads in shame over people like Larry Flynt, a publisher of pornography, just because such people may have revealed that they vote Democratic. But political parties can't control or be responsible for those who vote for their party's candidates. What parties can control is whom they endorse to run under their banner for any public office. And the Democratic Party doesn't promote people like Larry Flynt for public office. Contrast that to the kinds of people the Republican Party regularly selects for positions of leadership in their party, the kind highlighted on this page.

Republican "Paragons of Virtue"

Section I - at the National level

Senator John Ensign (R-NV.) confessed to serious cheating on his wife with a staffer and caught paying hush money to the husband, his chief of staff.

Gov. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.), confessed to serious cheating on his wife after leaving his state unsupervised for a week. 

Senator Larry Craig (R-ID.), caught in a gay sex sting operation in a Minn. bathroom.

Senator David Vitter (R-LA), found to have been a client of prostitutes in D.C. & Louisiana.

Rep. Mark Foley (R-Fl.) forced to resign when he was found to be having inappropriate communications with male pages.

In Connecticut, the holier-than-thou Republican party chose the mayor of one of the state's largest cities as its candidate for the U.S. Senate. If Joe Lieberman had caved in to Republican demands in the year 2000 that he not run for re-election to the Senate at the same time that he was running for the vice presidency, then our nation would have had a Republican Senator from Conn, named Philip Giordano, at least until he was sentenced to serve his 37 year sentence in Federal prison as a result of the FBI investigating him for financial shenanigans and discovering in the process that this crooked, disgusting Republican office holder had been repeatedly molesting two pre-teen little girls related to his prostitute-mistress (in the mayor's office among other places).

Senator Bob Packwood (R-Ore.), resigned in 1995 under a threat of public senate hearings related to 10 female ex-staffers accusing him of sexual harassment.

William "Wild Bill" Janklow was promoted to many high offices in very conservative South Dakota, including the 27th and 30th Governor, 25th Attorney General, and the United States Congress. He was only removed from office when he was forced to after being convicted of killing someone with his car while speedy through a stop sign. (The superintendent of the state highway patrol, reported at his trial that Janklow had 16 traffic stops by troopers during his last term as governor, but was not ticketed due to "respect for his authority" and out of a "fear of retribution.")
But why did the Republican Party select this man to run for so many high offices in its name? In 1955, at the age of 16, he was convicted of the sexual assault of a 17-year old woman. As a juvenile offense, this conviction carried little weight under U.S. law. However, in 1966, while working as the tribal attorney for the Rosebud Sioux, Janklow–aged 27–was accused of raping his children's 15-year-old babysitter, Jancita Eagle Deer. Adult sexual offenses being more grave than this earlier recorded exploit, Janklow used his capacity as head of reservation legal services to stave off the (illegible) of formal, federal charges. He then resigned his position and left tribal jurisdiction." Janklow may be the only known sex offender and accused rapist in living memory to have occupied a U. S. governor's office. "Had it not been for the intervention of the FBI in the form of its undercover agent, Douglass Durham, it seems possible that Janklow would have gone to the state prison rather than to the state capitol. Conversely, had it not been for the unabashed cooperation of Attorney General William Janklow, the reign of terror perpetrated by the FBI against the American Indian Movement would have been much more difficult to pull off." 

Believe it or not, we're only getting started... READ ON!

Friday, May 12, 2017



Love this contribution from long-time reader Bob! Excellent stuff, Bob; timely and true! - Jerky

Back when I was nineteen years old, I worked with a kid named Skip. Skip and I were the same age and hit it off really well since we were both aspiring musicians and fairly wild and crazy. 

One day, Skip showed up at work with a black eye, a busted lip and bruises all over his face. I was horrified. I asked him what in the world happened. He told me that he had had an altercation with another guy in a McDonald's parking lot the night before. 

Now, Skip was a pretty big guy. People didn't pick fights with him. He was an imposing dude. Turns out, Skip had been fooling around with the other guy's girlfriend. The other guy found out about it and confronted Skip. Skip told me he listened to the guy about as long as he could and finally hauled off and punched him in an attempt to shut down the verbal abuse. He had done that before in other hostile situations and it worked great. 

Skip said he immediately heard a bunch of car doors opening and slamming. He turned around to see just about every friend the punched out guy had (several carloads worth), running toward him...and the fight was on. 

Skip told me he tried to defend himself, but that every time he opened his eyes, all he could see was fists coming at him. The beating continued for what seemed like an eternity until it was broken up by bystanders. 

And so, the big, imposing dude, who pretty much had his way with everyone, got a severe ass whipping, on a Sunday night, in a McDonald's parking lot, in Enfield CT. 

Donald Trump reminds me of Skip. He's a big, rich, imposing guy who has pretty much had his way his entire life. His money and his bodyguards have protected him and kept him safe all his life. But, there are people in the world who don't care how much money he has and people against whom his bodyguards cannot protect him. 

Since he's gotten to Washington, he's been insulting numerous people and picking fights with many. Now, he has metaphorically punched James Comey in the face with a thinly veiled threat in front of the entire world. 

HEY DUDE! Comey has friends...lots of friends, who have skills that you don't want to know about. Do you think you're doing an adequate job of fending off the metaphorical punches that have been coming your way since you arrived at the White House? Well, it's about to get worse...way worse.

Your strong-armed, bullying, godfather tactics are about to fail you miserably. You really have no idea the punishment the FBI, the congressional investigation committees and the press is about to inflict upon you. 

And, guess what? You, like Skip, will deserve it. 

Bob Cignoni

Tuesday, May 9, 2017




I'm just checking in now to share a video y'all might like, and also to remark upon sort-of-President Trump's bombshell, out-of-nowhere termination of FBI director James Comey.

Here's today's Majority Report, which is jam-packed with current events goodness.

Now, as for Trump's Nixonian dumping of the man who is in the middle of investigating him, his administration, his business organization, and his creepy, slimeball family over their increasingly obvious and undeniable ties to Putin's Russia, in particular re their collusion with same during the 2016 election campaign against Hillary Clinton... what can one say, except to point out that there appears to be no limit to the depths to which this thuggish goon squad will sink?

Hopefully, I'll have more for you soon. In the meantime, it seems to me as though the world has taken a turn, and the so-called independent media is some of the most compromised, dishonest media out there. This is particularly true on the Right, where almost every single voice is bought and paid for, which makes their constant shrieking about George Soros all the more hypocritical and self-exposing. As it has ever been, conservative movementarians are screaming into a mirror. Much better to just watch the reporting on CNN and MSNBC, and read the New York Times and the Washington Post, and take it with a grain of salt. The amount of salt needed to make the information presented by FOX News--not to mention Breitbart, Daily Caller, InfoWars and the rest of that Satanic menagerie of alt-right outlets--is beyond toxic to the average human.

Hold on tight, folks. Shit is about to get really dark, and really real.

Monday, May 1, 2017


So let's see.

Sort-of-President Donald Trump's most trusted White House adviser is none other than Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka Trump, who also happens to be the sort-of-President's daughter, is currently modeling in an advertisement (see above) for that self-same sort-of-President's latest sure-to-be-another-world-class-failure, a namesake tower block in Manila. 

Manila, which is the capital city of the Philippines. 

The Philippines, where the population is currently enjoying the despotic rule of their very own brain-damaged narcissistic President, a drug-addicted psychopath named Rodrigo Duterte. 

Rodrigo Duterte, who just got invited to the White House by the sort-of-President of the United States of America.

Yer old pal Jerky's mind can't help but wander back to the early 1980's, when a certain action/adventure television show gifted us with the perfect slogan to summarize all of the above information... at least from sort-of-President Trump's perspective:

Finally, speaking of slogans, Trump Tower Manila's slogan, which you can see on the billboard, above, is the predictably posh "Live Exquisitely". This, however, was not the first choice presented by the ad agency creatives. In fact, it was the third. Investors thought that the first two slogans they were presented with--"Live Nepotistically" and "Live Incestuously"--might be just a wee bit "on the nose job" for their target demographic's tastes.