Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This is going to sound pretty stupid of me, but I've gone ahead and created another blog, this one specifically designed as a repository for links to news stories, videos and other online resources that relate to the world of parapolitics. You know... political conspiracies, bizarre coincidences and synchronicities, scientific anomalies, Forteana, the occult sciences, bizarre religious beliefs, secret societies, cults... that sort of thing. I won't be spending too much time writing about the stories. this is going to be a traditional, down-and-dirty news blog. It's called the Useless Eater Blog, and I hope you enjoy it.

Oh, I almost forgot! I'm looking to deputize all of y'all as my fellow Useless Eater Blog editors. If you come across any news stories that you think deserve to be archived there, please forward them to me along with an explanation as to why you think it belongs at Useless Eater. In the future, depending on submission quality and other factors, I'll probably be assigning a few co-editors with editorial access, to help lighten the load on my already overburdened shoulders. I mean, I got a frickin' day job, too, guys!

Obviously, I won't be posting here at the Triple-D every single time I post an item at Useless Eater. Instead, what I'll probably do is post a single Useless Eater-related post every two or three days containing a brief description of all the posts that have been uploaded to Useless Eater in the interim. For now, there are only two posts up. One concerns a strange computer virus designed to be spread by memory stick that was found in nuclear facilities in both Iran and (gulp) Japan, and the other is a short report on a Scientific American article detailing how to tell bogus conspiracy theories from the real deal. Check 'em out if the mood should grab you!

By the way, if you're wondering where the name for this blog came from, check out this pretty fucking terrifying report written by Herr Doktor Henry Kissinger back in the day. It concerns global over-population, and how the "elites" of the world should go about handling the proliferation of we rabble, we Great Unwashed, we Useless Eaters. It's a very eye-opening read, folks. Forewarned may not really be forearmed in this case... but at least it's forewarned, right?

Okay, so I'm hitting the sack now. See y'all tomorrow. And don't forget to bookmark the Useless Eater Blog! A few months from now, you'll be glad ya did!

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