Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The following three texts are shining examples of that new genre known as the naononovel, being a complete novel that is so tiny it can be published on Twitter, where there is a 140 character maximum. In fact, all three of these nanonovels were first published by yours truly on Twitter in the year 2009, and I reproduce them here, in their complete, unexpurgated glory, for your reading pleasure. Hope you enjoy them! And, of course, do feel free to use the comments section to publish some nanonovels of your own! 

The Last Man In The World
The last man in the world is sitting in his room. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door... 

Assassin, Kill Thyself
Time-travel groggy, you take aim. 4 km from target. Limbs pharmaceutically steady. Trigger pull. Target turns. Too late, you see it's you!

O Bigfoot! Where Art Thou?
Plane goes down in the Pacific Northwest. Savage albino cargo escapes... REVENGE! Oh, how the fur flies, when Yeti collides with Bigfoot!