Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Dirtland calling. Jerky speaking. Well, typing, actually, but what with the post-modernistic blurring of the lines between all the various forms of hyper-mediated communicationization out there, it kinda seems like 30 of one, two-and-a-half dozen of the other these days.

Hey! A big shiny NOPRIZE goes out to the first DDDiasporan who is able to point out which literary/historical/parapolitical figure it is that I'm purposely aping in the first two sentences of my brief "we're back up and running" announcement! I'll give you a hint. There once was a 90's alterna-rock band who thought they were better than him.

Anyway, got some fresh Dirt coming your way in a bit, so hang tight, brethren and sisthren! Ah'm a typin' jest as fast as I cayun!


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  1. It's about the time of year we'll start seeing these PSAs pretty soon:


    BTW does anybody know how to post a YouTube video in the comments so it comes out a luscious video rather than an ugly link?