Sunday, March 20, 2011


Wow. The global situation sure does seem to be one giant, bloody cluster of fuck these days, does it not? I mean, shee-it, mang! I'm finding it difficult to pick a place to start, to be honest. And beyond that, where to begin?

The ongoing triple disaster in Japan is most definitely world-historic, and both the event itself and our collective mediated second-hand experiencing of it certainly merit the application of a rigorous critical eye, but... well... when I consider how I could possibly put a personal perspective on this tragedy that would both 1) be worthy of your attention and b) attract new readers/subscribers, I can't help but feel either incredibly helpless or creepily voyeuristic.

The developments in Libya definitely defy easy answers. I just spent the better part of an hour over lunch discussing the Mideast situation in general and Libya in particular with an extremely eloquent and erudite expat Kurd. He was of the opinion that Western intervention in Libya was both necessary and commendable, as Gaddafi is a violent dictator and it's time for him to go. When I asked him why Libya and not Bahrain or Yemen - where similar developments are in play - he shrugged and said: "They have to start someplace." The idea that the West is simply securing their interests (OIL!) in the region? "Not relevant", according to my new friend. He left me scratching my head. The fact that Russia and China didn't invoke their veto power to deny NATO the symbolic legitimacy conferred by a UN resolution has only served to further muddy the waters, as far as yer old pal Jerky is concerned. The Iraqi Invasion: Part II, this is not. At least, not yet. Iran. Saudi Arabia. Yemen. Bahrain. The United Arab Emirates. Pakistan. Israel... it's like an octagonal three-dimensional chess board with a billion pieces in play - each with their own rules of engagement - set up on a playing surface twisted into a perpetually self-negating hyper-dimensional pseudo-donut Mobius sphere, if you know what I mean.

So I'm struggling, but I'm trying. I think maybe the ideal would be for me to set up some kind of separate semi-blog-like site in the Gawker mold where I (and a few deputized co-writers) could simply link to and briefly comment on all manner of stories relating to the global parapolitical situation, like a running catalog of these Apocalyptic End Times of ours (and I don't mean that in the Christian sense - at least not purely - but I definitely do mean it).

Know what I mean? Suggestions? Opinions? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


  1. I am happy for your Kurdish friend they have been liberated by the death of Sudam Husain however how come or how does he feel about no on in charge before they eliminate them over and over since they have had some elections? Would it be similar to the Belgium's who the King dismissed the gov't completely? except himself of course.
    Pardon my blinders on this whole thing. I am equaly amazed by this "cluster fuck" ad still freaking out from the full moon.

  2. Freddy, you and every driver in Toronto's Greater Metropolitan Area! I haven't seen such bad, aggressive driving since... well, since passing through Boston, actually.

  3. in Jersey we pump our fists instead of gas in New York They say hello with a beautiful wave of the middle finger while shouting other expletives California has these turtle looking reflectors in the road and it permits trucker to stay on the interstate driving while sleeping ,Florida there is alway some old fart going half the speed limit on the freeway. Gotta love it.