Monday, March 28, 2011


...and I have to admit, this situation is beginning to induce an extreme amount of "miff" in me. Just when I'd gotten back into the groove of posting news, opinions and comedy-frickin'-GOLD on a greater-than-daily basis - ker-BLAMMO! - there goes yet another in a long line of kicks to yer old pal Jerky's metaphorical groinular area. I mean, Jesus Fucking Nailholes! It's not like I've been leeching my connection off some poor schlub down the hall from me who failed to password-protect his wireless connection! What the fuck?!

Anyway, I'm hoping this will get fixed by TOMORROW, so don't give up on the Daily Dirt Diaspora just yet, okay? If you're bored with what's on the main page, go back and read the earlier posts. If you've read everything I posted here already, go write something interesting and submit it to me as a guest editorial! If you have a problem you want me to help out with, write me an ASK JERKY letter! I haven't had to answer one of those in way too long, and I kinda miss being an Agony Aunt to my sick and twisted readership!

In the meantime, to tide you over, here's a little mini-morsel. It's my latest WoW. And no, that does NOT stand for World of Fucking Warcraft (which will henceforth be referred to only as WoFW, if at all, which isn't very likely).. I refer, of course, to the now legendary Daily Dirt segment known as...

Yer Old Pal Jerky's WORDS OF WISDOM #329
"Voyeurs are difficult suicides, because they always want to know how the show ends."


  1. I was wondering what was keeping you from responding to the new Radiohead songs... ;)

  2. The cause of this miff-ker-blamo sh-stuff is getting up my nailhole too. On the brighter side you will resolve this, hooray for LORD jerky..

  3. If my comments offend anyone I apologize. Just email me and tell me to QUIT already. It won't work, but you'll feel better. lol.

  4. A guest editorial from the Pussymonster would moisten me up a little bit.