Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Don't worry. America has only just begun "winning" in the Trumpian sense of that word.

If you haven't seen it yet, and in the interest of accurate witness, here's that Vice Media video that's been making the rounds. Watch the whole thing, from beginning to end.

Watching the torchlit, moonlight march from Friday, I couldn't help but think of Doug Stanhope, the stand-up comic and latter-day Bill Hicks, whose suggested remedy for such events involves balloons filled with gasoline. One hopes one lives to see the day.

The real breakout star of the above video, however, is GG Allin look-and-cock-alike (not to mention convicted crack dealer and all around shame of Keene NH) Christopher Cantwell, he who appears to prowl like a gym-toned panther when surrounded by hundreds of like-minded enablers, but turns into a blubbering sissy-bitch when he hears tell that the authorities are looking to have a word...

And then came Trump.

You know what gang? After days of arguing on Twitter and Facebook with people who should fucking know better, but whose brains have apparently been booby-trapped beyond redemption, I don't feel like revisiting the bogus POTUS's absolute blazing failure right here and now. Suffice it to say that, thanks to this event, and Trump's reaction to it, we're destined to endure a lot more of its like in the coming months.

I hope to be proven wrong.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Our old pal Brian Siano, over on the Facebook, wrote the following:
Let's also understand that a lot of the alt-right movement is, in fact, sublimated sexual masochism. They desire being a victim. They tell themselves these stories of white oppression because they need that foreplay. They get all shuddery-hard over the prospect of being humiliated by women, especially black or Jewish women, but they'll get off on having liberals shouting things at them. The prospect of being torn to pieces by a Black Lives Matter mob sends them into transports of ecstasy. 
And some, like Richard Spencer, can't come without being punched, in public, with cameras to preserve the moment for his later, private viewing. It's an open secret that he gives private talks at alt-right gatherings, relating in pornographic detail every punch, impact, arm twist and handcuff squeeze. 
Mike Pence craves the discipline when he's with women. Donald Trump is proud of his sex life... but the pee tape is the thing he hasn't bragged about. The Gamergate trolls don't play those games to win. They love being shot, vicariously. That's why they seek out female gamers-- their humiliation enhances the sweet, sweet pain. It all fits. 
They may love Hitler, but in their secret hearts, they want to die as Mussolini did-- ripped to shreds while strung up with piano wire. 
It's time we made this tawdry little secret a well-known fact.
Indeed! Let's hop to, people!

Monday, August 14, 2017


"Nazis are a lot like cats, if they like you it is probably because you are feeding them." 
- John Oliver