Thursday, March 31, 2011


"The number is not credible. We are very sorry. I would like to make sure that such a mistake doesn't happen again."

- Tepco spokesman Takashi Kurita apologizes for inadvertently freaking everybody out by issuing a press release saying that the radioactivity levels in the sea-water around the Fukushima nuclear power plant were 10 MILLION TIMES the level safe for humans. Turns out the levels were actually only 100 THOUSAND TIMES the level safe for humans. So no big whoop. Phew! Thank Godzilla he straightened that out, huh? Almost thought there was a PROBLEM there, for a minute!


"It's as if our president was paralyzed. But paralyzation is caused by something."

- Matt Taibbi - former professional collector of "Bushisms" - has begun collecting "Beckisms", these being finely crafted gems of blithering idiocy from that once-and-future radio morning zoo-keeper, crypto-fascist super-tard Glenn Fucking Beck.


“He wanted to keep the finger forever and wanted to dry it out. He was proud of his finger.”

- LIVE! (only not) From Afghanistan! It's the United States Kill Team Photo Safari Wide-Awake Nightmare Show! Folks, this is worse than anything that came out of Abu Ghraib, by an order of magnitude. Far, far worse.

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  1. I dunno -- Us Americans really like violence -- a lot. We also don't exactly have a track record of improving the lives of brown people at home and abroad. But when it come to sex, we criminalize possession of dildos, ban most things anal, and in some states still castrate people who like to fuck more than the jury of their alleged peers. For us the Kill Team's got nothing on the trailer trash at Abu Ghraib. That story's nowhere near as important as Obama's birth certificate, if you ask me.

    Love, 6