Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Changes have been made to the Old Testament section of The New American Bible - the most popular Bible among Catholic believers in the United States. According to Mary Elizabeth Sperry, project manager for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the changes were based on the very latest in Biblical scholarship. Some of the changes were made because of recent, improved translations from the original source texts in Greek and Hebrew - for instance, the word "virgin" has been re-translated as "young woman" in a number of spots. Other changes are more stylistic, and have been implemented because of changes in connotation. For instance, seeing as it has come to be so closely associated with a specific historical event, the word "holocaust" has been replaced with "burnt offering" - which is, in fact, that word's original  meaning. Somewhat less depressing is the decision to use the word "plunder" instead of "booty", due to the latter being more often connected with ample buttocks than pirate's treasure these days.

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