Tuesday, March 15, 2011


"There is no end to the variety of Truthers' claims, but most of them believe that the United States government perpetrated 9/11 in an elaborate conspiracy to bring about the decomposition of civil liberties and the fortification of the American empire in the Middle East. They think this because, since 9/11, we've witnessed the decomposition of civil liberties and the fortification of the American empire in the Middle East."

- This 2-year-old article from The Utne Reader, by Paul Constant of Seattle's excellent free weekly The Stranger, makes a few valuable points about why the 9/11 Truth Movement, despite its many failings, should not be dismissed by serious-minded people.


  1. Has the American Empire been fortified in the Middle East?

    It almost seems like its getting harder and harder for the USA to do much of anything in the MidEast that isn't viewed with suspicion and paranoia by either the population of a country or its leadership.

  2. If truthers kept things simple: Tower 7's fall was intentional to destroy evidence that would have saved us from the financial meltdown.

    I'll buy that. Other than that they should shut up.