Sunday, April 10, 2011


Just in time for the most pagan of all "Christian" holidays, our old pal Sixlegged (PBUH) regretfully informs us that, yes, it IS possible to make Rebecca Black's execrable Friday song even worse than it already is. According to Sixer: "religious propaganda piggybacking on pop culture is like a quinine and eel asshole casserole." After subjecting himself to the parody in question, yer old pal Jerky would have to concur. But you can go ahead and judge for yourself...

No... words... Should have sent... a poet...


  1. Any time someone has a birthday somebody sings the birthday song. My fear is that Fridays will never be the same again. Black's masters have, to borrow a term from Cass Sunstein, "cognitively infiltrated" us. This song (the original anyway), mark my words, will have a measurable effect on human consciousness for at least 50 years.

  2. This is the best parody of the song by far:

  3. Not to be naïve, but is stuff like this legal? And I don't mean doing a Weird Al turned fundamentalist wacko on this song, but more just the fulsome lies she utters. "Church is fun!" and "Jesus is alive today ..." and "nothing rhymes with orange". All false.
    By the way, whorange rhymes with orange, and means an orange everyone has had a piece of.

  4. Jerks, I'm really having a problem with this. It's seriously disturbing.


  5. But... but... what could possibly be objectionable about this? God is, after all... fuckin' GREAT!!!

  6. Well that cuts out two days of the week that I'll watch triple D. Hey look on the bright side self it will help with your restless leg syndrome. Yep but the cramp in my hand..........

  7. The only reason I've ever heard of Rebecca Black is because Jimmy Fallon committed Stephen Colbert to singing it on Fallon's show (after Colbert committed Fallon to matching funds to a charity Colbert was raising cash for).

    C'mon people, it's a song about the average Friday for a 13-year-old rich, white girl written and produced by black guys in their 30s. Her parents apparently paid $4,000 to put her in the 'song/video'.

    Am I the only one that finds this to be the antithesis of creativity and talent?

    And this Sunday video really is worse, and I didn't think that was possible.

    "Worshippin', worshippin', worshippin' - YEAH!"