Friday, December 16, 2016


Two of the strongest and most vital anti-Trump voices on Twitter have been forced off that platform in the past 24 hours.

Journalist Kurt Eichenwald, who has photo-sensitive epilepsy, was tweeted a strobing animated gif by an alt.right "prankster" going by the name "Jew Goldstein", and it apparently caused him to go into seizure. The authorities are now involved, and Eichenwald is off Twitter for the time being. Which is awful, considering how incredibly valuable and informative his most recent contributions have been.

Second, and perhaps more disturbing in that he hasn't got any other outlets for his work, is Elliott Lusztig, who disappeared off Twitter after revealing that he'd been sent a credible death threat. It is no exaggeration to say that I've relied on Elliott's work for much of the good material that has been re-printed here in recent weeks.

I will endeavor to keep you posted with the latest about this disgusting development. In the meantime, stay strong.


Eichenwald is apparently pursuing all his legal options in this case, as well he should. In the meantime, he won't be interacting with his readers on Twitter and will be limiting his engagement there for the foreseeable future. Elliott Lusztig has returned to Twitter, but the father of three has collapsed much of his previous content and, again, in a reduced capacity, thanks to some no doubt upstanding young conservative Christian activist publicly threatening to murder, then skull-fuck, his children.

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