Sunday, November 6, 2016


Regarding the ridiculous Clinton e-mail "scandal" and Director Comey's ridiculous behavior last week - which now hilariously is looking like it might end up causing him to be put on trial - all this media posturing and public bluster, all this punditry balderdash and folderol, all this never-ending media "attention" being paid...

...and yet, just as with the Benghazi "scandal", I still haven't encountered a self-described conservative who can explain to me the substance of the crime or crimes that they believe Hillary Clinton to have committed.

Just stop and think about that for a moment. 

As you read this, there are arenas jam-packed with people being whipped into a blind frenzy of apoplectic outrage. Some of them are wearing t-shirts that declare "TRUMP THAT BITCH!" and worse, and some are chanting "LOCK HER UP!" and far, far worse. Some elected officials have even gone so far as to call for Hillary Clinton to be publicly executed for treason*.

And I'd wager not a single one of them could give you a coherent answer as to why.

It's Orwellian in the worst possible way; nothing short of terrifying. And for proponents of increased democratic participation in the shaping and guiding of public policy, it should be cause for alarm, followed by sober reflection and sincere soul-searching.

Now, as for the FBI, it's beginning to look like the that organization needs to be dealt with via decisive executive action, "Big League". 

I suppose I can kind of understand why President Obama didn't want to clear out Preznit Dubya's hyper-partisan, Jesus Freak appointees early on in his first term... but then, thanks to the GOP's 2010 Congressional redistricting gerrymander, doing so later became all but impossible. 

So what now? Personally, I think the DOJ should go nuclear before President Obama's term ends, absolutely purging the partisan, neofascist and yes, SEDITIOUS element currently infesting the FBI, and clean that house on a molecular goddamn level.

*West Virginia House Member Mike Folk (R)

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