Thursday, August 17, 2017


This is Congressman (and long time useful idiot for Putin's Kremlin) Dana Rohrabacher at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he met for three hours with Wikileaks founder (and now obvious intel/propaganda/subversion asset for Putin's Kremlin) Julian Assange... a meeting that was, incredibly, organized by notorious Holocaust denying White Supremacist alt-right provocateur (and notorious public defecator) Chuck Johnson. 

Folks, if you know anything about the despicable fecal golem that is Chuck Johnson--the ginger twat up there smirking as he flashes his favorite hand sign (WP for White Power), a human shit-stain so vile he can't even keep a Twitter account going because he can't help but blurt out ridiculously offensive and fact-free racist bullshit on the regular--the fact that this absolute sack of inhuman garbage is even allowed within shouting distance of the White House is an unprecedented national humiliation. His rise to the level of key political fixer for Trump should give nightmares to everyone who isn't already mentally and/or spiritually damaged beyond repair.

So now, Putin puppet Roharbacher apparently has a bunch of messages to pass along to Putin puppet Trump, from Putin puppet Assange. You'd think the Kremlin could have cut out the middle man! But no... something else is at work here. And you can probably suss out what that missing X-Factor is based on the presence of right-wing agent provocateur Chuck Johnson.

I mean, you really have to wonder--and someone in a position to do so needs to ask--who paid for all this? Who covered all the air fare, hotel rooms, etc? Is the US govt footing the bill? Or some Far Right NGOs? And if so, which NGOs? Follow the money, for Christ's sake. We need to get busy fully exposing the nature of this Rough Beast, it's hour seemingly come round.


By the way, to all the many people who, in the last week, during "discussions" about Charlottesville, I witnessed bringing up the fact that the (law-abiding, rules-following) Nazis "had permits" and their (lazy, chaotic, disorganized) opposition didn't... Guess what?

YOU GOT PLAYED.  Turns out, the Good Guys did have permits. 

Ain't that a bitch? You were fed a pack of lies, and you sucked it up like mother's milk laced with uncut cocaine. You were willing dupes, useful idiots, for pro-Nazi lies and liars. How does it feel to be such an easy mark for Fascists? Does this realization even give you pause? Are you even capable of feeling shame at this point?

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