Saturday, August 19, 2017


I've recently noticed the proliferation of a specific and rather annoying rhetorical tic employed by those on the Far Right when they're being questioned or interviewed. Maybe you've noticed it, too. It happens whenever they're being interviewed or questioned by members of the non-Far Right media.

For example, in the recent Vice documentary, when Christopher Cantwell says the demonstrations went well because nobody on their side died or killed anybody unjustly, and the interviewer reminds him that the killing of Heather Heyer was unprovoked (which is correct), and Cantwell replies: "That's not true, and YOU KNOW that it's not true." 

Another example is Trump's disastrous, Presidency-ending press conference on Tuesday, where--between petulantly whining "Excuse me! Excuse me!" with his tiny finger jutting skyward--he ejaculated: "I do think there's blame on both sides, and I don't have any doubt about it, and YOU don't have any doubt about it, either!"

And the above examples are just the tiny, rancid tip of a giant, floating shitberg. All the right-wing shit-heads are getting in on the act. I've seen it from right wing performance artist (and, since divorcing his Jewish wife, newly liberated anti-Semite) Alex Jones, pedophile-protecting halfwit Milo Poppananalcyst, Nazi hipster "Proud Boy" Gavin McFriendless and others of that ilk constantly telling people "This is what I believe and YOU KNOW I'm right and YOU KNOW YOU BELIEVE IT TOO, YOU LIAR!!!"

Next time you see one of these cretins being interviewed, or spouting off on one of their solo, talking head Youtube videos (the preferred medium of the alt right douchebag), just watch. I bet you'll start noticing it, too.

Another increasingly popular Far Right pastime is lying about being assaulted, a particularly precious irony when you consider that this is the same cohort loudly proclaiming that pretty much every single hate crime is a false flag hoax designed to make the Far Right look bad.

Here's a beautiful example featuring mush-mouthed masochist Mike "Gorilla Mind" Cernovich, whose sense of reality is so twisted by his daily regimen of home-brewed psycho-ceuticals he actually believed his humiliating on-air vivisection by 60 Minutes' Scott Pelley went well. Enjoy!

See what I mean? Of course, Cernovich is far from alone in this practice. If you dig around Youtube, you can find similar videos of such Far Right twats as Baked Alaska, Christopher Cantwell (again!), Chuck Johnson, and others shrieking bloody murder over the slightest of taps, or the gentlest of brushings past. 

They're no great fans of turnabout, either. 

In Charlottesville, on Friday night, Steve Lemons of the Southern Poverty Law Center was surrounded by a gibbering pack of raving and drooling Fascist shit-stains. They insult, threaten, belittle and provoke him, ratcheting up the rhetoric until one of the pack knocks off Lemons' baseball cap. To his credit, he maintains his cool and meets this ceaseless barrage of vitriol and threats with a bit of fun, knocking off Tim "Baked Alaska" Gionet's hat. 

Judging by Gionet's reaction, you'd think Lemons had tried to partial-birth-abort the poor baby:

You can see the full video at this link, for context. But be warned: If the sight of the world's least aggrieved people brimming with self-pity and inexplicable, inchoate rage is as repellent to you as it is to yer old pal Jerky... be sure to have a puke bag at the ready, because this video is the fucking motherload of Far Right Grotesques.

Anyway, Steve Bannon was fired from the White House today (an utterly meaningless, empty gesture), so I'll probably have more incredibly depressing crap for you shortly. Keep watching this space.

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