Saturday, July 1, 2017


If you thought American political rhetoric couldn't possibly get any more dangerously divisive, reckless, or incendiary, along comes the National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch to prove you more wrong than you probably thought possible. Take it away, Dana!

The Week's Paul Waldman explores some of the reasons why the NRA seems to have switched up their tactics. With Trump in the White House, they obviously couldn't continue terrifying their members with ominous warnings about gun-grabbing feds kicking in their doors, the way they did for eight years under President Obama... or, as he's referred to in the above video, "THEIR" President.

Instead, with the second amendment safe and sound under Trump, they appear to have decided to diversify their portfolio by choosing sides in the newly rekindled Culture Wars, thus effectively promoting firearm-based solutions to such "problems" as college students yelling at Milo Coulter, or late night comedians saying nasty things about "THE" President (as opposed to "THEIR" President).

Of course, in the grand tradition of right-wing mind blindness, some of our conservative brothers and sisters are saying that the only extremists here are those who see anything extreme in this ad! Here's Townhall's own pointy-headed Matt Vespa with a less than convincing explanation.

On Thursday, Ms Loesch appeared on FOX News' Tucker Carlson show to explain that she was talking about “fighting violence with truth, because truth wins out all the time." Which of course begs two questions: Who made the NRA the arbiters of truth? And why does the truth needs guns?

In closing, Huffpost video editor McJesse over at Twitter sez: "If you're gonna go after comedians maybe don't shoot in front of a blue background?"

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