Monday, July 24, 2017


The spirit of Julius Streicher is alive and well in today's race obsessed alt-right.

One example of psychological projection and self-pwnage by the Right that I’ve recently come across is the plethora of racist trolls making “We wuz KANGS!” jokes every time they see an ad for Marvel’s Black Panther movie. It’s nothing short of hilarious that they should mock imaginary Black people for doing something that they, themselves, do on a daily basis.

Of course, there exists a tiny handful of amateur Afrocentrists who sometimes take their conclusions to ridiculous extremes. But their numbers are dwarfed by the rabble of White Supremacists who take the exact same sort of inexplicably visceral pride in events and accomplishments that have literally nothing to do with them.

Are they not bursting with pride at their “White Heritage”? Do they not revel in ticking off the accomplishments of the “White Civilization”? Do they not boast of the enduring legacy of “White, Western Culture” at every opportunity?

Adding an extra layer of irony to all this is the fact that a significant subset of the alt-right self-identify as "Nordic Pagan", and "Odinist"... meaning they're the ones who give serious credence to comic book fairy tale bullshit.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but there’s nothing wrong with taking pleasure, or even pride, in your origins or your heritage. But imagine being so bereft of personal achievements, and so ignorant of your familial or community history, that in order to find something in which to take pride, you have to reach all the way back to your genes. It’s pathetic.

So scrub away the racist Ebonics from the alt-right’s little “joke” here, and you’ll find—as is so often the case with those who allow themselves to be ruled by their darkness—that what they really hate is an element of themselves that they subconsciously recognize within the Other.

They are screaming into a mirror, shaking a fist at their own shadow.


  1. Shadow boxing! I had a coach that included that pugilistic move in our "far laps" long distance runs. I gave up on track as a career but always benefited from the training.
    Our conditioning as young people whether positive or detrimental is the personal comfort zone we tend to default to. It is a bit disturbing that a certain element of our social experiment has been neglected to the point that they are clumping together, wearing banners and hats and wistfully demand a return to imaginary greatness! More shameful and sad than disturbing I guess?

    1. Indeed, Wingedheart... shameful, sad and disturbing all at once.

  2. One thing I wanted to get across is the fact that the way the alt right uses this "joke" has nothing to do with the tiny handful of kooky cultists who believe outlandish things about their Ancient origins. It's about denying Black people access to the same imaginary spaces that are the birthright of ALL people, not just the one culture that has managed to turn those things into a literal "culture industry", thus comodifying it and, in a very real sense, colonizing and ethnically cleansing it.