Friday, May 12, 2017


Love this contribution from long-time reader Bob! Excellent stuff, Bob; timely and true! - Jerky

Back when I was nineteen years old, I worked with a kid named Skip. Skip and I were the same age and hit it off really well since we were both aspiring musicians and fairly wild and crazy. 

One day, Skip showed up at work with a black eye, a busted lip and bruises all over his face. I was horrified. I asked him what in the world happened. He told me that he had had an altercation with another guy in a McDonald's parking lot the night before. 

Now, Skip was a pretty big guy. People didn't pick fights with him. He was an imposing dude. Turns out, Skip had been fooling around with the other guy's girlfriend. The other guy found out about it and confronted Skip. Skip told me he listened to the guy about as long as he could and finally hauled off and punched him in an attempt to shut down the verbal abuse. He had done that before in other hostile situations and it worked great. 

Skip said he immediately heard a bunch of car doors opening and slamming. He turned around to see just about every friend the punched out guy had (several carloads worth), running toward him...and the fight was on. 

Skip told me he tried to defend himself, but that every time he opened his eyes, all he could see was fists coming at him. The beating continued for what seemed like an eternity until it was broken up by bystanders. 

And so, the big, imposing dude, who pretty much had his way with everyone, got a severe ass whipping, on a Sunday night, in a McDonald's parking lot, in Enfield CT. 

Donald Trump reminds me of Skip. He's a big, rich, imposing guy who has pretty much had his way his entire life. His money and his bodyguards have protected him and kept him safe all his life. But, there are people in the world who don't care how much money he has and people against whom his bodyguards cannot protect him. 

Since he's gotten to Washington, he's been insulting numerous people and picking fights with many. Now, he has metaphorically punched James Comey in the face with a thinly veiled threat in front of the entire world. 

HEY DUDE! Comey has friends...lots of friends, who have skills that you don't want to know about. Do you think you're doing an adequate job of fending off the metaphorical punches that have been coming your way since you arrived at the White House? Well, it's about to get worse...way worse.

Your strong-armed, bullying, godfather tactics are about to fail you miserably. You really have no idea the punishment the FBI, the congressional investigation committees and the press is about to inflict upon you. 

And, guess what? You, like Skip, will deserve it. 

Bob Cignoni

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