Friday, February 3, 2017


As yer old pal Jerky whips up the latest edition of the Daily Dirt Diaspora Report for y'all's intellectual delectation, why not spend a little time with our old pals at The Majority Report? I've been listening to these guys since the Dubya years, back when they were on terrestrial radio as part of the ill-fated Air American experiment in progressive radio (and any such effort that fails to find a space for Mike Malloy isn't worthy of the name), and with the minor exception of 7of the 8 years that Obama was in office, I've been listening ever since! To be honest with y'all, I listen to Sam Seder and his band of merry tricksters pretty much every day, as they're as close to my own stance, politically--in that they hate the Dum-Dum Left almost as much as they hate the Redhat movement--as I can find online.  Hopefully, so will you be too! 

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