Sunday, October 30, 2016


1. What do Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, Ken Russell's Altered States, Gaspar Noe's Enter the Void and the Mitchell Bros. 70's porno classic Behind the Green Door all have in common? They're all on this Taste of Cinema list of 25 Psychedelic Movies That Are Worth Your Time! And what qualifies the aforementioned flicks as "psychedelic", you ask? List compiler Esther Zelig is happy to explain, before launching into a description of Dali and Bunuel's seminal surrealist short film Un Chien Andalou, thusly:
Psychedelia in film is characterized by distortion (both in image and in sound), experimentation in narrative and editing, and sometimes drug-inspired hallucinations. Like the psychoactive drugs which produce heightened sensory perceptions and distortion, psychedelic films present to their audience an unfamiliar and/or dream-like view of reality. 
The following films use cinematography, narration, editing, sound design, and music to create worlds of distortion. Whether the film is depicting drug-induced madness or creating an atmosphere of existential confusion, these films somehow experiment with the audience’s sensory perceptions in order to uproot the viewer from reality. These films welcome (or in some cases, force) the audience to interact with a plethora of psychedelic imagery, sounds, and/or narration.
Despite a couple of nonsensical entries - Point Blank and Wake in Fright are both fine films, but can they really be called psychedelic? - this is an outstanding list, and makes a worthy guide for any budding cinemaphile in search of "the good stuff". And speaking of "the good stuff"...

Just look at that face!
2. It will come as no surprise to regular readers of this blog that I occasionally use it to promote my "real world" projects, as well as those of my friends and associates, if and when I deem them worthy. Like, for instance, with my ongoing attempts to break into the film world, usually by partnering with - or piggybacking onto - my oldest and best friend Marc Roussel. And that is why I was so pleased to see Marc getting some well deserved critical appreciation from the folks at, in the form of a career-spanning overview! Written by Ernie Fink and published this week, this virtual tongue bath of praise begins thusly:

There are many good things that come from Canada. This filmmaker may be one of the best. 
Based in Toronto, Mr. Roussel has a diverse resume of films to his credit. Although his strongest suit seems to be horror, his versatility has shown in both crime drama and romance. He has the ability to pull a variety of emotional strings is so effective that he cannot be matched by most. He is also downright terrifying.  
His films Remote and The Elusive Man have won awards at various festivals and he had been nominated for the Director’s Guild of Canada award. He has also found success as an editor on many televisions shows.
Adding to my pride at seeing my best bud be treated so well is the fact that I, myself, took part in the creation of many of Marc's most successful films, from our early contest entry Sweet Tooth, to our most recent BravoFACT project, The Last Halloween, and a few in between! Furthermore, it is my most sincere hope that the two of us get to do more work together, perhaps including some work that makes us some goddamn MONEY one of these days! Anyhoo, keep watching this space for developments. In the meantime: Marc, old pal o' mine, I join in saluting you!

3. Well, that was fast! Remember the second item from our previous DDD Suggested Reading List, wherein we informed you of the death of Jack Chick, creator of those ironically popular Chick Tract evangelical mini-comics you could occasionally find in diner booths, bus stop benches, and other public places? Well, someone has created a fully illustrated Chick Tract about what happened when Jack Chick Got To Heaven... and it's very much in keeping with the Chick Tract tradition.

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