Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Ever since Julian Assange's arrival on the scene, yer old pal Jerky has been neither a critic, nor a supporter, of his Wikileaks operation. However, there's always seemed to be something a little bit "off" about him to me, and I'm not referring to the whole Swedish rape thing... intelligence agency "honeypot" traps are a real thing in this world (just ask Mordechai Vanunu). It's just that Assange has always come across as sort of an unsavory combination of crass self-promoter, Adbusters-style pseudo-intellectual, and the kind of cowardly chaos agent who starts fights but never sticks around to take part in them.

This impression has only intensified, both with myself and with the public at large, thanks to this unprecedented political season we're enduring. In fact, public opinion of Assange has taken an abrupt two way swing recently, with those who formerly called for his execution now hailing him as a hero, and those who used to eagerly await every new leak now dismissing him as a tool of the Trump campaign and/or the Kremlin. The Guardian's David Smith has written an interesting overview of this phenomenon, in case you're interested.

Then came today's breathlessly delivered news that "Assange's Internet Link was Severed by a State Actor!" ... which is just an emo way of of saying little Julian has had his Internet privileges suspended, which is what parents do when their kid behaves like a petulant, destructive brat who doesn't seem to understand the serious consequences his behavior could have on the rest of the family.

In other words, Ecuador did the smart thing. John Kerry probably gave them some serious food for thought re: the future of US/Ecuador diplomatic relations if they continued to allow an agent of Vladimir Putin to interfere with the most existentially consequential American election of the post-war era, and they made the smart play. Furthermore, I think they made the morally correct play. Assange is no Daniel Ellsberg. He isn't an Edward Snowden, nor a Chelsea Manning, either. Calling Assange a whistleblower at this point is an insult to the concept.

Besides, the ceaseless online braying of hyperventilating conspiritard deplorables notwithstanding, having one's Internet temporarily shut off is hardly the stuff of the Spanish Inquisition, or Guantanamo Bay... although that part of this saga might come soon enough for Assange, and also, fingers crossed, maybe for Trump.

"Why, Jerky!" you may be asking, "Whatever are you implying?! That there might be grounds for going after Julian Assange - and perhaps even Donald Trump - for such serious, potentially capital crime offenses as conspiracy to subvert an election, inciting and taking part in sedition, or maybe even TREASON?!"

Well, hypothetical you, all yer old pal Jerky is going to do is to point you in the direction of some interesting information, and then let YOU be the judge of that! Keeping in mind, of course, that this is a rapidly developing story which has only just begun to bubble over.

Let's watch this video, for starters.

Now, with the above information in mind, check out this Politico story about the reaction that Roger Stone had when informed about a potential FBI investigation into the links between the Wikileaks, the Kremlin, and the gaggle of Putin-friendly advisers to be found orbiting the Trump campaign. Stone, formerly one of Trump's top advisers and a lifelong super-sleazy GOP dirty tricks specialist, was initially dismissive, calling the idea of a federal investigation the work of "partisan hacks".

And then, all of a sudden, shit got real. And golly gee, what do you know? Old Roger Stone had a rather interesting reaction, essentially announcing that he'd be "happy" to participate in any federal investigation! Furthermore, he took to his Twitter feed to make the following eye-popping revelation: “It turns out the entity with which I signed a non-disclosure agreement for the Trump campaign was never legally constituted,” adding the hashtag “#invalid.”

The message, according to some, couldn’t be more clear. Veteran rat-fucker Roger Stone is letting it be known that, in order to save his own skin, he is ready, willing, and able to strike a deal with the Feds. And if that means abandoning the sinking ship that is the S.S. DONALD TRUMP, then so be it.

Wouldn't the irony be delicious - and wouldn't it be a fine example of turnabout as fair play - if the man who just spent a year inciting mobs of poorly educated. sycophantic personality cultists to chant "LOCK HER UP! LOCK HER UP!" were himself to get a taste of that Law and Order he keeps going on about, and end up spending the remainder of his life rotting in a federal penitentiary?

If you enjoy this kind of links-provided dot-connecting, bookmark this blog and keep watching this space!


  1. It doesn't make the allegations against Clinton less true.

    1. Nor does your saying "there are allegations against Clinton" make any of those allegations true, or that they have any merit whatsoever. As a matter of fact, the Clintons are the single most investigated (mostly by EXTREMELY hostile and partisan forces) political family in the history of the USA, which makes them, OBJECTIVELY, the CLEANEST one. I've been researching the anti-Clinton machine for long enough to know