Saturday, August 13, 2011


Count Basie - The Atomic Mr. Basie (1957)

These musico-literary gambols of mine are getting a bit longish for my liking. I originally meant to type out a few carefully-chosen 'bon mots' about the artist and/or the album in question, then move on to the next chapter. There are, after all, 1001 of these to get through, and - unlike everything else I've ever begun in my life, I would like to finish this at some point. But I keep having artists like Count Basie - and albums like The Atomic Mr. Basie, a.k.a. The Complete Atomic Mr. Basie, a.k.a. E=MC2 = Count Basie Orchestra + Neil Hefti Arrangements - thrown my way way.

Well, I'm not putting up with it any more, goddamnit. When The Book throws me a subject so pregnant it seems about ready to squat and drop a baker's dozen of atomic bombs, I may have to resort to throwing random words at the computer screen. Like this: "Thrilling, evocative, impressionistic, controlled, powerful, subtle, dynamic, legendary, beautiful, wonderful, perfect, priceless, peerless, essential."

I mean, for fuck's sake, it's Count Basie, bitches!

Had I heard it before? Yes.
Did I like it then? Yes.
Do I like it now? Yes.
Am I keeping it? Yes.
Standout Tracks? "The Kid from Red Bank", "Duet", "Flight of the Foo Birds", "Double-O", "Whirly-Bird", "Midnight Blue", "L'il Darlin", "Silks and Satins", "Sleepwalker's Serenade", "The Late, Late Show"

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