Sunday, October 18, 2020


...and what a magnificent job he does of it, too. 

Fully aware that he has a better chance of getting a public blowjob out of Amy Coney Barrett than he does of getting her to spill even 10cc of truth, he ignores her altogether during his time at bat, choosing instead to educate the American public on the specifics of the the dark money trail leading to the coterie of fascist activist billionaires and the organizations they have created and funded in order to, for all intents and purposes, enact a full-blown takeover of the nation's highest, most powerful, Court of Last Resort.

Furthermore, he explains exactly why and how the Republican party's credibility is dying in that room. No exaggeration, no joke. Watch the video, and share it with all your friends.


  1. It's going in the queue but I still have an hour and a half of the latest Rogan/Jones podcast to get through. It's Jones' best Rogan performance yet.

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