Monday, October 1, 2018


Hey, did y'all hear about how a bunch of Wikileaks documents, including private messages to and from Julian Assange and other co-conspirators, were recently handed over to a number of journalistic outlets by a group of concerned whistleblowers?

You want homophobia, sexism, racism, anti-Semitism? YOU GOT IT!

But even worse than those relatively minor transgressions, it turns out Wikileaks is also staffed by a bunch of lying, hypocritical assholes with numerous political biases, disturbing international connections, and sinister hidden agendas!

Who'd have thunk it?!

I suppose there is a certain delicious irony to be savored, re: Assange and company having often engaged in rhetoric more offensive, biased and "problematic" than most of their many targets have, and far, FAR worse than Hillary Clinton or John Podesta, in terms of their private communications. I’m sure the folks behind the Freedom of the Press Foundation, who cut off what had previously been a generous amount of funding to Wikileaks last year after multiple questions were raised about their methods and ethics, are feeling well vindicated these days.

Shocking absolutely nobody, another thing these DMs reveal is a clearly obvious pro-Trump, pretty much alt-right mindset prevailing among many among most of WikiLeaks' current leadership, with most of the original “true believer” information activists having long been replaced by stealth political saboteurs and professional hatchet-men.

So, basically, if you're looking for a quick and easy way to tell which is the wrong side of any issue to be on, you need look no further than the Twitter feed of the now entirely discredited and hopelessly corrupt Julian Assange (currently on mute, as his Ecuadorian hosts have had enough of his antics), and the various arms of his WikiLeaks operation.

But let’s be honest for a moment, here… you didn’t REALLY need whistleblowers to clue you in to what Wikileaks and Assange have become in recent years, did you? From their decision to back Trump at every turn, even going so far as to join Trump’s war on the media and CNN, to their obviously partisan attacks on the Democrats throughout the 2016 election period,

Wikileaks has been full of shit for a long time now.

Case in point, check out the way they had a shell entity called “Most Damaging Wikileaks”, which they pushed heavy via their social media, purposefully and in bad faith give the absolute worst possible, most literal read of every single email from their ill-gotten trove of John Podesta's personal emails. And the way they blatantly lied about what those emails actually said

For example, check out entry #6, which allegedly proves that Hillary's campaign wants "unaware" and "compliant" citizens. Their interpretation goes: "The Clinton campaign is literally conspiring to keep the population unaware of what is going on, and they admitted it in this email. Very scary ‘1984’ level thinking (group-think). If Hillary is the right choice for president and the truth is on her side, they should encourage their supporters to be aware and do research on both candidates."

Don’t be lazy. Go and read the email in question at this link, then tell me if you think their take on what that email says is accurate... or if Wikileaks has taken someone's disappointed critical words about the sorry state of contemporary political culture and spun that all-too-valid criticism into something unrecognizable… the idea that the person writing those words is, in fact, not just approving of these circumstances, but is literally a MASTERMIND behind them! It would be laughable if people didn’t give Wikileaks so much more credit than their bad faith political games-playing deserves.

Then check out #7, where they say "Top Hillary aides mock Catholics for their faith". Wikileaks claims that "Top Clinton aides, John Halpin and Jennifer Palmieri" -- both of whom are practicing Catholics, by the way -- "mock Catholics for their faith. They complain about the large number of Catholics in prominent positions. ... Palmieri when confronted about this revelation didn’t apologize." They then go on to agree with a number of conservative commentators who, upon reading the emails in question, called for Palmieri to either quit or be fired.

Here's Palmieri’s email. Read it, and you'll see that it's obvious what she was referring to... that specific, socially hardline conservative, anti-Vatican 2, "Opus Dei" brand of angry white country club Catholicism, of the type best exemplified by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and Rupert fucking Murdoch. Nothing Palmieri said was untrue, and only an anti-intellectual snowflake idiot would think it controversial. That Wikileaks counts it as the seventh most controversial "revelation" from their Podesta document dump tells you all you need to know about that morally bankrupt, New Fascist International propaganda outlet.

One is reminded of Assange's reaction to the Catalan independence referendum in Spain. At the time, he declared haughtily from his cupboard in the Ecuadorian embassy that "the future of Western civilization is revealed" in these movements of breakaway from centralized power structures.

Of course, he doesn't feel quite the same about Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, or any other former Soviet satellite or independence movement that seeks to remove the heel of Putin’s boot from their collective throats. No, these freedom seekers should simply bow down to Putin, and accept that he's gonna carve off chunks of their territory at will. Better him than that despicable Imperial world-eater, the USA, am I right guys? I mean, come on! Everybody knows today’s CIA is worse than Stalin at his scariest, right?

Furthermore, the fact that Russia provides backdoor support to Catalan's independence movement (just as they do to the far right and far left and whatever other destabilizing actors there are in whatever state Russia feels like fucking with at the time) probably has nothing to do with the Russian mob's vast array of interests in the region, right?

I mean, to argue otherwise would be like accusing Assange of being in Putin's hip pocket or something! Totally not true. Total conspiracy theory. Totally not so obvious that a deaf, dumb and blind person could see it.


In closing, I would simply like to point out that Julian Assange deserves every bad thing that is about to happen to him... and worse. Far, far worse. And when it starts, it’s probably going to look a lot like this…

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