Wednesday, August 1, 2018



Innocent Question #257840 ~ So with last month's revelation that Puerto Rico's hurricane death toll was not sixty-four people, as claimed for months by the White House, but rather a conservative minimum estimate of FOUR THOUSAND AND SIX HUNDRED PEOPLE, (and possibly thousands more than that)--American citizens all, dead or dying while the President cracked jokes and lobbed rolls of paper towel from atop an airplane staircase--how are Trump and FEMA not having their feet held to the fire as part of an official public investigation yet? How come heads aren't rolling down every street in Washington DC? In short... WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?!

Innocent Question #257841 ~ The info-graphic at the top of this edition sure is some serious food for thought, is it not? Does any of the information therein seem kind of... familiar to you? Like, does it ring disturbingly true? Yer old pal Jerky sure thinks so.

Innocent Question #257842 ~ It's been two weeks now, so has the White House come any closer to deciding whether or not to take Putin up on his offer to let the FBI question the 12 Russians accused of fucking with the 2016 elections, but only it Trump hands over former US ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul and global Magnitsky Act advocate Bill Browder for interrogation, first? I mean, the US Senate passed a resolution 98/0 against giving Putin access to any diplomat, past or present. But Browder's not a diplomat, and that resolution was non-binding anyway. So what's the deal?

Innocent Question #257843 ~ Is it possible that this whole Maria Butina/NRA/GOP espionage/blackmail/treason nexus exudes enough sordid, sexual "stink" to make the average US voter actually give a shit about the Russian wing of the New Fascist International helping to rig the 2016 election (in a wide variety of ways) in order to steal the White House on Trump's behalf, as part of their global strategy to weaken liberal democracies the world over? I guess only time will tell.

Talking Points Memo info-graphic (source article)

Innocent Question #257844 ~ If the Republicans were presented with the choice of voting for either any random Democrat or Vladimir Putin... how big do you think Putin's margin of victory would be?

Innocent Question #257845 ~ Have we passed the point where it would be possible to avoid the purgative ritual of a righteously implemented regimen of public, state-sanctioned executions of the highest-ranking members of this traitorous cabal of shameless co-conspirators, meted out by serious-minded patriots who will do so without joy or grotesque triumphalism, but certain in the knowledge that their bloody deeds are directed towards the greater good of both their nation's future, as well as that of the world at large? Asking for a friend.

Innocent Question #257846 ~ Who do you think is prouder that the ICE "Brown Baby Concentration Camps" may now have a bodycount? Donald Trump, or Stephen Miller?

Innocent Question #257847 ~ And finally, after just two episodes of his new TV series, Who Is America?, fearless comic saboteur Sasha Baron Cohen has already done more to hold individual Republicans accountable for their disgusting bigotry and shitty policies than every Democrat currently occupying space in the House or the Senate, combined. So my innocent question is... should we be amazed, or terrified?

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