Saturday, September 9, 2017


This week's Casual Friday edition of the Majority Report features some absolutely brutal mockery of Conspiritard-in-Chief Alex Jones and his guest, everybody's favorite mush-mouthed alpha-epsilon, Mike Cernovich! The hilarity commences at 1:45:45 in the following video, and carries on basically until the end of the show:

At one point, Jones (completely off the cuff I'm sure) asks for Cernovich's opinion on the "quickening" and the Singularity" and a plethora of other topics upon which Cernovich is singularly unqualified to pontificate. The results, as you might expect, are comedy gold:
"We're definitely approaching the Singularity, because our time is becoming dilated now, where... I always ask people, how long ago was it when Kathy Griffin pulled her little ISIS beheading stunt? How long ago was Scaramucci fired? So our time is becoming dilated because we're approaching the Singularity. Whatever that means. We don't know yet, because we've never been in a Singularity, but... but our time now is being accelerated, right? Where a second feels like a minute, right? We live so much in a day now, a full day now feels like a month, and a month feels like a year, and a year feels like a decade. And you think about it ... Crazy, right?"
Yes, Mike, you're correct, that does sound crazy! As outgoing Majority Report producer Kelly points out, when Alex Jones stares at you like you're fucking insane, you've got a serious problem.

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