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Twitter superstar Eric Garland is no stranger to sparking strong feelings with his penchant for rollicking, go-for-broke, hypercharged brainstorming sessions on Twitter. He was praised and scorned in equal measure for his now legendary (and quite excellent, in my view) Tweet Storm that kicked off with the infamous line: "It's time for some Game Theory!" Today's Storm is sure to spark more tone policing and concern trolling and furrowed brow pleas of "Come now dear boy" from the usual suspects. However, to anyone with even a passing familiarity with some of the lesser known movers, shakers, and goings-on of the past... oh, let's say 75 years, none of this will be all that surprising. It's just nice to see it laid out in such plainspoken language. - Jerky
 This was a takeover by the global billionaire nutball class. It'll be exposed soon. And no, not the stupid ((())) SOROS!!! thing. For real.

A little background: I have a mentor, one of the world's most brilliant historian/philosophers. He's not well known. By his design.

He can quote Epictetus or Plato or Laozi as easy as SNL - all of them with their humor in tact. He sees 2000 years as "recent-ish."

I learned to talk about movements in the 50-250 year timeframe. A little more than a fad, a bit less than an era. A "moment in time."

At this macroscopic level, you begin to speak about flows of power, the effect of ideas taken all the way out to their conclusions.

This leads one to talk about conspiracies - the discussion of a few people manipulating big power under cover of others' ignorance.

If you think about Europe and the Church before printing, this doesn't seem so crazy - only so many people could read. It's like that.

Anyhow, one day 15 years ago, I asked, "Like, WHOA, is there, like a Cabal of Global Power Elite Conspirators who run everything?"

"No," he laughed, "the hilarious part is that there are maybe 15-30 of those things- and they all think they're in control by themselves."

"They have A Lot of Money by any standard, and can get a ton done - but it's the combination of everyone that makes the world move."

All these people with gold toilets who think they can change math and chemistry - but really they're not in control either. Funny.

BUT, around 10-15 years ago, I started hearing about this weird strain of rich weirdos. The tech thing was getting big - and a bit psycho.

Apparently, there were some of the Very Wealthy Class who were starting to talk about controlling ALL OF HUMANITY through tech and stuff.

A CUSTOM HUMANITY! BY DESIGN! AND THE GENIUS IQ TECH RICH PEOPLE would anyway, it sounded nuts. But it sorta metastasized. Kept going.

I kept hearing bits of it. The "Sealand" people, where Java/C# programmers can live on an oil rig, because...genius? Like, wha?

Never mind mass farming and global supply chains. RICH GENIUS GALT WE SECEDE FROM MEDIOCRITY! IT'LL BE GREAT that kinda nuts.

A while back, I started hearing about a strain of this that turned out to be Mercer. SEE WE HAVE ALGORITHMSES! WE CAN HACK HISTORY!

Nano-IT-bio-info-technocracy! We ran once! We are humanity's overlords! Also, we ruined mortgages! We are Gawds!

Anyhow, the play here in 2016 was the big move for Seekrit Tech Type Boss Autocracy Billionairez to Take Over The Game. I guess.  

But it goes back to my teacher's lesson: Who's running The Conspiracy? A couple dozen groups. All with competing interests. Get it?

If you think you're in on The Conspiracy, then you missed the whole thing about A Bunch of Conspiracies, Most Actually Hidden. Funny, right?

So, in this weird adventure, the Mercers, deVos, the Nazis, Breitbart, Russia, five Saudis oh whoever, it's a big weird chart.

These guys thought they'd hack America, give it to Nazi Christians, have Mike Flynn defend it, and have hedge funders make all the monees.

So we have Sessions trying to institute 1877, Carson saying there's no poverty, and Mnuchin selling you mailbox to a Saudi bond fund. 

THEY ARE IDIOTS. Because they ain't the only Conspiracy in town. Jay-Z and the Chinese Communists ran the whole thing. 

Taking over the world is hard work. You're dumb to try it. Perhaps cherish the world instead. </CONSPIRACY THREAD>

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