Monday, September 5, 2016


Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, which recently premiered at the Venice International Film Festival, is a taut, effective combat drama set in World War II, one of the many wars which Gibson blames on “the fucking Jews”, who also - as Gibson has expended a great deal of time, energy, and money to make sure the world never forgets - are the same people who killed Jesus Christ.

Hacksaw Ridge is the first movie Gibson has directed since Apocalypto, which came out right around the time he called the female officer arresting him for drunk driving “sugar tits” and correctly identified her partner as being a member of the Jewish race, all before threatening: “I will fuck you. I own Malibu.” 

It’s the true story of Desmond Doss, the first conscientious objector to receive the Medal of Honor, and a man who probably never would have dreamed of physically assaulting his girlfriend, calling her a “bitch”/“whore”/“cunt”/“pig in heat”, saying that he hopes she gets “raped by a pack of niggers”, then threatening to rape her, himself, before burning her house down.

The question of whether or not a filmmaker’s personal behavior should influence critics’ opinions of their films isn’t an easy one to answer. Just ask Frank Rich, whose critical take on The Passion of The Christ led Gibson to publicly declare: “I want to kill him. I want his intestines on a stick. I want to kill his dog.”

Hacksaw Ridge reaches theaters in November, when studios typically release the films that they believe have a good chance of scoring an Academy Award. It remains to be seen whether or not Gibson’s history of controversial public statements will affect the judgement of AMPAS' voting members, a demographic heavily weighted not just with Jesus-killers, but also with men who “take it up the ass”, an orifice which Gibson has publicly stated should be reserved “only for taking a shit.”

On the plus side for Gibson, however, the Academy’s ranks number hardly any “wetbacks” at all.

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