Sunday, December 27, 2015


Part of this blog involves keeping former Daily Dirt readers abreast of their old pal Jerky's latest endeavors. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that I have recently completed a series of seven black and white illustrations, commissioned by one of the authors of an upcoming non-fiction book, the specific subject of which I've been asked to keep secret until the publication date is finalized.

As a bibliophile, I am particularly pleased that this is going to be a bona fide, paper and ink, physical BOOK, rather than a website or an ebook or a blog post or that sort of digital ephemera, and that I'm going to receive a proper cover credit for my contribution.

Needless to say, as soon as I possibly can, I will be updating the DDD with information about the title, the subject matter, perhaps a sample chapter, and a list of realworld and online retail outlets where one can purchase a copy or three. In the meantime, however, please enjoy the above bouquet of illustrations; the end result of hours of research, sketching, penciling and inking.

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