Saturday, September 26, 2015


1. Ben Collins, a personal friend of Christopher Hurst, whose bride to be Alison Parker was one of the two people who were brutally gunned down in a horrific attack that was accidentally broadcast live on Virginia morning television, asks the tragically relevant question: "What do you say to a Roanoke Truther?" He begins:

Chris Hurst spent the last two weeks trying not to cry on television while telling the world how beautiful his life with his girlfriend was before she was murdered for no reason. 
Chris was the boyfriend of Alison Parker, who was shot and killed on live television in August by a mentally ill man who had an invented grudge and easy access to firearms.
Chris is a friend from college. Chris and I hosted a radio show together. 
Or, according to millions of conspiracy theorists online, Chris Hurst is a part of my imagination. 
In the minds—and YouTube videos—of some conspiracy theorists, Chris is not a news anchor at WDBJ in Virginia. Chris, the videos say, is a “crisis actor" invented less than a month ago by the United States government as part of a false flag operation that will eventually allow the New World Order to take away every American citizen’s guns and force them into a life of subjugation and tyranny. 
Every day now, Chris wakes up to find strangers’ hate on his Facebook wall that he has to personally delete. Or he’ll Google Alison to find the people he has to thank for donating to her scholarships and he’ll see, instead, another conspiracy theory YouTube video, viewed 800,000 times over, that says Alison was in on it all along, and that she’s been given a new life and maybe plastic surgery by the government.

“It happened again about an hour ago,” Chris says. “It’s hard for me to manage that because I hit land mines when I do. They have all these details I don’t want to know.”
The most recent one says Alison was dating someone else and that she and Chris were never together at all. That person is really Alison’s ex-boyfriend, who conspiracists found by looking through her old Facebook photos. 
Two weeks after he lost the love of his life in the most gruesome and devastating way imaginable, this is what he has to sit through when he turns on his computer each morning.
The rest of this long piece consists of Ben attempting to reason with one of the more egregious of Chris's shameless tormentors. You can guess how that forehead slapping exercise in futility goes. Frustrating as it is, it remains a fine example of the social ramifications of allowing the web to be flooded with knee-jerk conspiritard lunatics who go around calling everybody else "sheeple" when they're the ones being suckered on a daily frigging basis.

2.  With that unpleasant business out of the way, I suppose I should do something to prove that I haven't totally gone over to the Dark Side and sold out to The Man. And so, in the spirit of attempting to improve the quality of our online parapolitical discussions and debates, here's a handy-dandy list of literally dozens of incontrovertible and proven 100% TRUE historic false flag terrorist attacks.

3. Okay, so it's probably time to lighten the tone a bit. And yet, we want to stay on topic, don't we? So whatever are we to do? Oh, I know! Let's watch Conspiracy Theory Rock! the legendary "banned by NBC" Saturday Night Live cartoon written by Robert Smigel!

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