Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I love comic books. Always have, always will. I grew up collecting them, and I've occasionally tried my hand at creating them. So I feel that I do bring a certain degree of expertise to the table when it comes to my opinion on the quality of these four-color funny books.

Which brings us to today's subject, and this video, which I urge you to watch in its entirety...

Yes, that’s correct; you’ve just watched a video trailer for a comic book that is currently in the making. After the first "Hellish" issue, and the second "Nerve-Shattering" issue, this will be the THIRD "BRAIN-SMASHING" ISSUE of this particular series, and it will also be the third issue that I, personally, will have helped to make a reality by kicking in to their crowd-funding campaign. Why do I do this? Because... well, let me tell you all a bit about how the Chicken Outfit saga measures up, so far...

In Chicken Outfit, a horror/sci-fi comic series from co-creators Joe Deagnon and Kirby Stasyna, our heroes Stan Munson and Rusty McDoodle - two online porn employees at a company known for pushing the limits of technology and good taste in the name of higher profits - may have inadvertently set the Apocalypse back into motion. .

Drawing inspiration from 80s horror films, underground comix and first-hand experience of office culture, Chicken Outfit is a phantasmagoria of horror, science fiction, dark humour and characters dressed in stupid costumes. Deagnon and Stasyna deliver a compelling narrative that is utterly unique in the annals of illustrated comedy. That's because, in the course of sharing with us their tales of modern workplace woe and misery, they actually manage to make some surprisingly astute observations on the grim, existential anomie of Late Capitalist decline... especially for those of us working in the so-called "creative" industries.

The secret to Chicken Outfit's success is that Deagnon and Stasyna filter their critiques through a unique gonzo kaleidoscope of lurid "grindhouse" exploitation movies and taboo-shattering underground comix, simultaneously exaggerating them and making them more palatable.

But don’t take my word for it. Check out Chicken Outfit for yourself! Because if you're the kind of person who gives a damn about highly entertaining homebrewed comedy, original storytelling well out of the mainstream, gorgeous illustration that suffers the ineluctable taint of insanity, with the whole deal being pulled together into a sturdy and attractive full-color package… then by all means, hop on board the Chicken Outfit train! For a small kick-in, you could get all THREE issues of Chicken Outfit, along with a bunch of other goodies in recognition of your patronage! So what are you waiting for?! GO!!! GO NOW!!! KICK-IN, YOU CHEAP SONSOFBITCHES!!!

Oh, and that ad you see in the upper right hand corner of this page? The one promoting Chicken Outfit? The boys didn't pay for that space. I offered them up that prime hunk of virtual real estate purely because I believe their book deserves promotion. So no, this review is not an example of me whoring out my fat ass for a cupful of ducats. Anyway, if you'd like to know more about the creators, check out this in-depth interview at the Indie Comix website.

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