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As of mid-December, the first three issues of Grant Morrison's new mini-series for Legendary's comics division have come out, and so far, so good. Frazer Irving's artwork is stunning, maintaining the same gorgeous, painterly mood and look established by the covers, which you can see scattered throughout this mini-preview/review.

I say "mini" because, seeing as the story isn't complete yet (the full run will be 12 issues), there's not much I can say about the story being told here beyond the fact that it's a twinned narrative featuring an Earth-bound screenwriter being forced into a twisted "buddy movie" relationship with a space-faring anti-hero of his own creation

Three issues in (actually, a fourth is in stores now), and I have to say, I'm sufficiently intrigued to declare that I'll be sticking with it to the bitter end, and I definitely recommend it to any fans of adult-tinged, non-superhero comics that still retain a classic storytelling feel, action/adventure scenes and Big Ideas, like the prison on the edge of the Supermassive Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way from which this comic gets its name.


Considering the grisly crimes that have filled the pages of this title's previous incarnations, the special warning wrap-around cover-hider really wasn't necessary. I'm happy to see comics' reigning genius, Alan Moore, tackling Garth Ennis' notoriously "extreme" world of Crossed, where infected humans become cannibal necrophiliac rape and murder machines... to say that milieu could use a dose of brains is understating things quite a bit. The first issue is promising, although Jacen Burrows' art is sorely missed. I'll keep you posted on this title as it progresses.


Okay, now HERE is a book that deserves a warning sticker! Sorry, I can't really tell you all that much about this title, here, because I've been commissioned to write a review/think piece about it for Subterranean Comix (about which more will be said in this space, shortly). Suffice it to say that this twisted book is the product of one man's perverse genius: Jason Karns! Check him out at FUKITOR!

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