Friday, October 31, 2014


Most of you have watched - and some of you have enjoyed - The Last Halloween, the latest film from my circle of creative partners, chief among them being my lifelong best friend, editor/director Marc Roussel. You can scroll down this page to find information on The Last Halloween, which has played - and is still playing - in competition at numerous prestigious film festivals around the world, and has won a few awards along the way. But did you know that TLH wasn't our first cinematic ode to our favorite time of year? 

In late October of 2007, Marc and I (and a team of five others) entered the Toronto 24 Hour Film Challenge, during which time we had to write, shoot, edit and score a 5 minute horror film in LESS THAN 24 HOURS! 

Out of dozens of participating teams, only 30-something managed to finish their films on time. Our film, Sweet Tooth, came in 3rd according to the judges - winning us thousands of dollars worth in movie equipment rental vouchers. We were also clearly an audience favorite at the gala event where all the competing films were screened... which took a lot of the sting out of losing to two teams that were made up (or so we were subsequently told) by friends of the contest organizers and judges. 

Here's a link to the finished film - or, you can watch it right here if you'd like. Fair warning! As previously mentioned, we wrote, shot, edited and scored this sucker in ONE CALENDAR DAY, and it kinda shows. Still, it's a good bit of fun... and I, yer old pal Jerky, actually try to ACT in this one!

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