Friday, June 27, 2014


The Wire premiered on June 2, 2002, and, after a 60 episode run over five seasons on the American premium cable network HBO, ended on March 9, 2008. It wasn't exactly a ratings success, and it failed to pick up very many awards during its run. However, among the show's many evangelical fans - including top rank writers and performers, world-class novelists and the occasional public intellectual - it was championed as one of the finest dramatic series in the history of television.

Because I don't watch much television anymore - and because I'm not much of a fan of cop-centered series in general - I didn't get around to watching this show until February, 2014. I have now seen every episode - many of them multiple times - and I have zero problems fessing up to my previous obstinate idiocy. I was a fool.

So yes, basically, if you're one of the few serious-minded mediavores left who still have yet to take in this incredible show, allow me to be the latest to tell you that everything you've heard about The Wire is true. It really is one of the finest dramatic series in the history of the medium. And you really do need to see it. Like... right fucking now.

In future MEDIAVORE blog entries, I hope to chronicle my media consumption, sharing some opinions on books, films, TV shows, music, graphic novels, videogames, etc. I also hope to occasionally provide longer think-pieces on some of these topics, if and when I feel the material merits it, and if I feel that I have something worth saying.

In the case of The Wire, it just so happens that omnipresent British media curmudgeon Charlie Brooker took up an entire episode of his (excellent) TV review series ScreenWipe to explain exactly what it is that makes The Wire required viewing. And, lucky you, that episode just so happens to be freely available on Youtube! Which means I can just link to it here, urge you to watch it immediately, and consider my good deed for the day as having been accomplished. So sit back, relax, hit PLAY and let Charlie and his guests tell you everything that I would have liked to tell you about The Wire, only a hell of a lot better than I could have, in roughly half the time it would have taken me (circuitous and loquacious bastard that I am).


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