Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I don't normally use this space to showcase my day job (especially considering I don't currently have one), nor my various and variegated side projects. However, now that Barrack Obama has been duly re-elected President of the United States and all the world's problems have suddenly melted away, I don't have anything else to write about, so why the hell not?

A couple years ago, my friend and writing partner Marc Roussel and I came up with a nifty idea for a comical short film centered on the glamorous world of high stakes international art theft. After we banged out the basic concept, Marc and another partner/pal of ours, Mark Sanders, co-directed the film, which we eventually decided to call The Elusive Man. It has since gone on to be featured at a number of film festivals across North America, and it's even won a few awards!

Here's my favorite trailer for the movie, put together by Marc over one of my favorite pieces of music, Hall of the Mountain King...

If the above trailer has sufficiently whet your appetite, then why not take the time to watch the film in its entirety? You can either watch it at Vimeo in all its full-screen, high resolution glory, or else you can find it right here on this blog, in the post directly below this one, just one... post... down...

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