Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Our old pal Keith Olbermann is never one to hold his tongue, but this particular bit of oratory might go down in future history books as being particularly illustrative of the current crisis of American democracy. Whether it does so as an example of the hyperbole that some of our more "passionate" pundits occasionally indulge in, or as a howling jeremiad screamed into the apparent void of an inexplicably unresponsive political establishment as the world goes to pieces all around them, only time will tell.

Meanwhile, over at Google News, their analytics propose that the top Trump-related news item for the day is the fact that Kanye West paid the Preznit-Elect a visit in the lobby of Trump Tower. I would normally finish off this post with a flourish of snark, but in this case, it somehow feels inappropriate. So insert your own snark here, if you wish.

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