Friday, December 30, 2016


As one of the few non-Trumpnik Republicans left standing alongside the increasingly impressive Evan McMullin, media wonk Rick Wilson took to Twitter yesterday to promote his latest story for The Daily Beast and to call out Trump loyalists and Russian trolls (both witting and unwitting) for what appears to be a complete lack of political consistency, historical perspective, concern for the possible consequences, or sense of shame. It's short, but all the more effective for its succinctness.

Take it away, Rick!
  1. In the course of the 2016 campaign I don't know how many times I was called a traitor to America for not supporting Trump.
  2. Of course, these intellectual giants never bothered to understand the specific definition of treason. All opposition to Trump was treason
  3. What's closer to treason? Political opposition to a candidate, or siding with a hostile foreign power in the Intel war?
  4. Make no mistake; Trump and his lackeys, ball-washers and toadies today clearly demonstrated their allegiance is to Putin.
  5. This wasn't Obama playing a game. This was him responding to the IC's rising certainty and fury at the extent of Russia's meddling.
  6. Trump is getting sworn in. He's going to be President. If you are more concerned that his wittle feels are hurt that the truth of...
  7. RUS intel services and leadership wanted Trump, hacked to help Trump, and have deep ties to him and his team then you're the ones...
  8. flirting with disloyalty to the security of this country well beyond a political disagreement.
  9. You believe in absurd, baroque conspiracy horseshit like Pizzagate, but can't conceive RUS leaders could seek to disrupt an election?
  10. You buy into the wildest, darkest, lunatic theories ("Hillary is a pedophile cannibal!") but ignore the conclusions of the ENTIRE IC.
  11. You're accepting an ongoing, state-sponsored set of attacks on Americans, American institutions and American security because...
  12. don't want Trump's presidency to have an asterisk next to it, like a ball player with a home run count fueled by steroids and HGH
  13. Tough. It's already there. So here's my question for Trump defenders; how much RUS intervention in our elections is ok with you?
Oh, just FYI, "IC" means "Intelligence Community". Follow Rick (and Evan) on Twitter via the links above for an intriguing, "adult" conservative perspective on the tragedies of 2016, which are certain to leak all over the next few years, like a gutshot buck trailing its innards on the far side of the river, waiting on death to claim it in the cold dark night.


  1. speaks in whole sentences. Shocking from a Republican.

    1. And on Twitter no less! Not exactly a great outlet for eloquent oratory.

  2. As an interesting note, and apropos of nothing, one of the members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir resigned rather than play at Trump's inauguration.

    At last cont, the Rockettes are facing a great deal of unpleasantness from the theater community for agreeing to play at the inauguration, which seems unsurprising on the face of it, considering that the new administration largely consists of people who are incredibly hostile to the LGTQ community at large and the theater community has historically been seen as friendly both to them as well as to liberal progressives. The remaining entertainment lineup seems to consist largely of military, police, firefighter and high school marching bands. Also, a rodeo drill team. And Jackie Evancho:

    Unless you really like martial music and opera, this doesn't seem to be lining up to be the entertainment event of the century.

  3. Err...that really should have been "at last COUNT." I'm typing in the damned dark like a tool, yo.

    1. I assumed. You can take comfort that you didn't mis-spell it the OTHER way...

  4. "...which are certain to leak all over the next few years, like a gutshot buck trailing its innards on the far side of the river, waiting on death to claim it in the cold dark night."

    Sweet Jeebus, Jerky, It's good to have you back.