Saturday, September 5, 2015


Filipino Black Magic Fetuses Used in Ceremonies. See Today's Final Entry.
1. Holy crap... Jack Kirby drew a (pretty compelling) three-page graphic narrative detailing all the important events of the day that Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas! The Harry McCracken blog, before publishing all three pages, explicates:
The May, 1967 issue of Esquire–this was during the period when it was edited by Harold Hayes and was probably the best magazine in the history of magazines–featured an article by Garry Wills and Ovid Demaris about Jack Ruby, the Dallas nightclub owner who killed Lee Harvey Oswald. That piece, published after Ruby’s death in January 1967, was complemented by something remarkable: “46 Hours and 36 Minutes in the Life of Jack Ruby,” a three-page comic strip beginning with Ruby learning of JFK’s assassination and ending with him shooting Oswald. The strip was written and drawn by Jack Kirby, inked by Chic Stone and annotated with references to the Warren Commission hearings.
Here's the first page. The rest is at the link above.

2. To those who have looked at art and thought “I could do that”, an art curator explains why you couldn’t. In a video. A video you can watch right here in the comfort of your own home. Also, by the way... to those who have looked at any of my blogs and thought "I could do that"... um, you probably could, without too much effort at all, actually, come to think of it. This is such a bullshit gig, to be honest with you. I guess you get what you pay for, eh?

3.  Hey there, truth-seeking investigator! Now you, too, can investigate Occult Crime in the USA, by downloading and researching this Occult Primer: A Law Enforcement Primer. From's description:
This is the electronic version of the precedent-setting report concerning "occult crime" in the United States of America. At the time of its commission, several American communities had been plagued with "mass hysteria" among small groups of people (almost exclusively Fundamentalist Christians) who believed that Satanists and other "occultists" were among them, kidnapping children, burning and looting businesses, and terrorizing their victims in secret midnight "Satanic" rituals. Many of these communities were ravaged with hatred and fear; many innocent people were sent to prison with little or no valid evidence against them other than the words of little children who claimed to be victims, and yet were later found to be lying or confused (deliberately or not) by their "therapists."
Okay? So hurry up and download this shit, save it on your hard drives, then do your best to spread it around, so that the hard-won collective wisdom contained therein doesn't get lost to history.

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