Friday, September 4, 2015


1. From the Dig Within website, a few words about Fourteen Incredible Facts about the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001. It begins:
As the 14th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, it’s important to remind people that we still don’t know what happened that day. What is known about 9/11 is that there are many incredible facts that continue to be ignored by the government and the mainstream media. Here are fourteen. 
1. An outline of what was to become the 9/11 Commission Report was produced before the investigation began. The outline was kept secret from the Commission’s staff and appears to have determined the outcome of the investigation. 
2. The 9/11 Commission claimed sixty-three (63) times in its Report that it could find “no evidence” related to important aspects of the crimes. 
3. One person, Shayna Steinger, issued 12 visas to the alleged hijackers in Saudi Arabia. Steiger issued some of the visas without interviewing the applicants and fought with another employee at the embassy who tried to prevent her lax approach. 
4. Before 9/11, the nation’s leading counter-terrorism expert repeatedly notified his friends in the United Arab Emirates of top-secret U.S. plans to capture Osama bin Laden. These treasonous leaks prevented Bin Laden’s capture on at least two separate occasions. 
5. Former National Security Advisor Sandy Berger was caught stealing documents from the National Archives that had been requested by the 9/11 Commission. The Commission had previously been denied access to the documents but the White House reluctantly agreed to turn them over just as Berger was trying to steal them. 
6. The official story of the failed air defenses on 9/11 was changed several times and, in the end, paradoxically exonerated the military by saying that the military had lied many times about its response. The man who was behind several of the changing accounts was a specialist in political warfare (i.e. propaganda). 
7. Military exercises being conducted on the day of 9/11 mimicked the attacks as they were occurring and obstructed the response. NORAD commander Ralph Eberhart sponsored those exercises, failed to do his job that day, and later lied to Congress about it (if the 9/11 Commission account is true).
To read the other seven facts, and to check out the multiple references embedded into the above text as evidence, click on this link.

2. As an addendum to the above article, here's this thorough (and, for me, thoroughly disappointing on a personal level) takedown of one of the guys I used to think was one of the few "good guys" working from the inside of the Bush regime at the time of the September 11 terrorist attacks: former counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke. This revelation alone, is enough to shatter that delusion:
In 1984, Clarke was selected to take part in one of the most highly classified projects of the Reagan Administration. This was the secret Continuity of Government (COG) program run by the National Program Office that continued up to and after the attacks of September 11. Other than Clarke, the members of the COG group included Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George H.W. Bush, Kenneth Duberstein, and James Woolsey. If not a formal member of the group, Oliver North reported to it and acted on its behalf. Although Cheney and Rumsfeld were not government employees throughout the twenty years that Clarke participated in this official government program, they both continued to participate. COG was developed to install a shadow “government in waiting” to replace the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Constitution in the event of a national emergency like a nuclear war. In 1998, Clarke revised the COG plan for use as a response to a terrorist attack on American soil. The first and only time that COG was put into action was when Richard Clarke activated it during the 9/11 attacks. As of 2002, that shadow government continued to be in effect as an “indefinite precaution.”

3. After the above terror-related horror, I thought we could cleanse our palates with a bit of alien sex-related horror. Because, apparently, thanks to the Internet, there's no fetish so strange, so off the beaten path, that it doesn't exist anymore. So say hello to the creator of Primal Hardware's "alien ovipositor" sex toy, which "is basically a big dildo that lays goopy eggs molded from gelatin in the body cavity of your choice." It's an interesting interview with the item's creator, a dude who goes by the name of "Lone Wolf". The promotional video promising "enhanced splorch" is particularly enlightening.

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