Saturday, September 14, 2019


Here's the gang at the Majority Report discussing Mayor Rudy's decision to memorialize the 18th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, by tweeting out one of the most disgusting, next-level totalitarian, masturbatory Right Wing fantasy propaganda porn video that I've ever seen. 

It's almost as if the hateful idiocy of the anti-liberal, anti-progressive, anti-First Amendment propaganda being produced by the New Fascist International(e) is growing more hateful, more bloodthirsty, more downright dangerous with every passing day. I think this one is even worse than that crazy NRA ad that arguably kicked off this whole trend. Remember that one?


Let me refresh your memories:

Actually, now that I've re-watched the NRA vid, I'm not so sure if the vid tweeted out by Giuliani--which is literally a commercial for right-wing casual men's ware--is quite as bad.

So, what do you think? Does Giuliani's "Kill a Hippie for 9/11" pluck the crown off Dana's pretty, pointy head? Or does her murder-happy, absolutely bonkers NRA commercial still reign supreme when it comes to the Far Right mediasphere's boundary-bursting and envelope-pushing media?

YOU be the judge! YOU decide! And while you're doing so, please feel free to nominate any other Krazy Konservative Kommercials you might come across, either down in the comments section, or emailed to me directly! Cheers!


  1. Trump, McConnell, Giuliani, LaPierre, the Fox Punditry, Limbaugh -- they're the symptoms, not the disease. The American media, and the abandonment of the Fairness Doctrine, is just as culpable, if not moreso. And various foundations and rich families have been strategizing this since the 1970s, none of it is "grass roots". America was already an asshole nation, but the biggest assholes have for 25 years now been fed a steady diet of being reassured that being a racist sexist homophobic neo-Nazi gun-fellating douche is the highest of honors, the sure sign of patriotism, manliness, righteousness. The blase racism and sexism and xenophobia of average Americans outside of university towns was a ripe fruit waiting to be plucked. As were crewcut dorks who never got laid and blamed it on the 1960s. Sadly, unemployed guys from busted unions joined them, and that's where the big fracture in Democratic politics begins. The working class gleefully votes for its executioners. Like that old classic line: "ain't no Alabama farmer so dirt poor that he won't grab food out of his baby's mouth and give it to a New York banker, so long as the banker promise him that none of it will go to no niggers."

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