Tuesday, January 10, 2017


screen grab of FOX News article on Streep comment

In the ongoing right-wing meltdown over Meryl Streep's Golden Globe comments about her disgust over Trump's mocking of disabled New York Times scribe Serge Kovalevski, FOX News continues to provide the most entertaining fare.

Take, for instance, today's article, titled "Stars Sick of Their Fellow Entertainers' Political Rants". Let's see which stars they're referring to, exactly.

Okay, so first up, they've got country music star Travis Tritt, who took to Twitter to write: "If you have fans who respect your talent enough to spend hard earned money to see your talent, be thankful and gracious and leave it at that." Well, okay Mr Tritt, but if you really meant what you wrote, why even bother bringing it up? I mean, if celebrity opinions don't merit sharing, wouldn't that apply to yours, too?

Anyway, who's next on FOX's cavalcade of Streep-dissin' celebs? Ah! It's former CNN host and current... sort of rich British guy who occasionally appears in The National Enquirer, Piers Morgan!

Wow. That's a pretty steep drop from Travis Tritt. So who's next?

Why, it's none other than everybody's favorite washed-up, pill-popping, hardcore porn star, Jenna Jameson! The former double-penetration/deep throat gag queen took a break from writing creepy mash notes to Benjamin Netenyahu in order to make her feelings known by Tweeting: "Please someone mute Meryl Streep".

I guess all those years spent being a human punching bag for MMA star Tito Ortiz took a toll on her cognitive functions. So who's next?

Right. Charlie Daniels. Of course.

And finally, FOX wraps things up with "outspoken college football player" Jack Murphy's speculation about the possibility that maybe Vince Vaughan and Mel Gibson also didn't much care for what Streep had to say, based solely on their reactions.

Nice buncha folks, these celebrity Redhats, you must admit!

And anyway, who cares what Meryl Streep says about Trump?

I mean, aside from the hundreds of newspapers and thousands of websites that have reported on her comments--and the continuing, ongoing reactions to her comments, both pro and con--non-stop, for the past 48 hours and counting?

Are you not entertained?


  1. I saw the initials GG and immediately my head went to GG Allin. Then it started asking, "What would Meryl Streep have to say about GG Allin?" And then it jumped backed to the garbagetruckload of pee jokes I've been seeing on Facebook today. And now it's floating off somewhere else. ADHD might be more of a modern-day defense mechanism than a disorder.

    1. I think GG Allin would be entertained by this whole affair, and he'd be actively looking for ways to make it even more of a dumpster fire than it already is.

      Then at some point, the heroin would wear off and he'd realize that there was absolutely no need to do anything at all because the asshole at the center of this F-5 derpstorm was doing a spectacular job of making everything worse all by himself and that interfering would only slow down the collapse, and he'd sit back and enjoy the show.

      Assuming he didn't slam someone's head through a computer monitor for shits and giggles, or that he was even sober enough to notice what was going on around him, of course.

  2. You guys with your GG Allin references!