Saturday, January 14, 2017


  • I burned the tip of my left index finger, so this is gonna be a short one. Every sentence brings waves of sweet agony, so yeah... please forgive me.
  • Christopher Steele, the awesome-moniker'd former MI6 spy who put together the infamous dossier detailing links between the Russians and the Trump campaign--as well as some of the Russians "kompromat" material on Trump--has gone into hiding
  • Democrats attending a confidential, behind closed doors intel briefing on FBI director Comey's recent decisions and behavior left that meeting officially freaked the fuck out, with some even going so far as to declare Comey "unfit to lead" the FBI, but unwilling to try and unseat him out of fear that whoever Trump chose to replace him would turn out to be far worse.
  • You may have heard how claims that Trump hired prostitutes to piss on a Moscow hotel bed where the Obamas had once slept originated as a 4Chan prank against "libtard SJWs" and that anyone who believes those claims is a victim of said prank. Yeah, sorry, but no. I mean, I realize it's hard to believe the same people that brought us PizzaGate are full of shit, but this increasingly appears to be the case.


Remember this awful, horrible, disgusting thing that an SJW Commie cuck snowflake oven-worthy libtard did that one time?

Guess what? Turns out it was an alt.right astroturf bullshit hoax.


"It is now perfectly plausible to believe that we are preparing to inaugurate a president so fundamentally a creature of a corrupt money power that even Russian kleptocrats believe his greed is his greatest weakness. (The salacious gossipy stuff aside, the wanderings of Trump confidantes like Paul Manafort and Carter Page through the thieves paradise on the Volga is the really dangerous element here. In fact, the salacious gossipy stuff is a kind of foul camouflage to what may be an unprecedented sellout of an American election.) It is now perfectly plausible to believe that the president-elect may, in the words of Bruce Springsteen, have debts no honest man can pay, and that he may owe them to a man who is a ruthless autocrat even by historical Russian standards, which are considerable"

- Writing about What Comes Next for Esquire Magazine, Charles Pierce makes some salient points.

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