Tuesday, May 24, 2016


1. This online comic will entertain you, give you serious nostalgia, and make you think twice about the pleasure you get from the pain suffered by some of your favorite cartoon characters. It will also buttress your belief in the fundamental goodness of the "soft conservative" values espoused by Mike Judge's King of the Hill.

2. Yer old pal Jerky is no Star Wars fan, but he is a fan of expansive info-graphics like this one, which tells the entire story of Star Wars IV: A New Hope, in two, glorious dimensions! I'd love to see more movies broken down into their basic components like this. It's pretty kick-ass.

3. Which brings us to today's final must-see offering, a recent [adult swim] masterpiece of hauntological stylistics that goes by the title Lords of Synth. If you're anything like yer old pal Jerky, I think you're gonna be sharing this one with your friends for weeks to come. It's a triumph of short form esoteric comic genius.