Sunday, March 16, 2014


Hello friends;

This post is just a friendly reminder that Daily Dirt Diaspora is not the only blog that yer old pal Jerky puts out. In fact, it's the one that sees the least activity these days. So please be aware of the Useless Eater Blog, which is where I examine conspiracy theories, the occult, the paranormal, parapolitics, paraculture... in short, all manner of aberrant thought and philosophical esoterica. With its daily Paracultural Calendar updates and the recent addition of regular features the Memory Hole, Pop Occulture, the Woo Files and Paradigm Shift, this is definitely the blog that sees the most action.

There are some big changes in the works here at the Daily Dirt Diaspora, so keep watching this space.

yer old pal Jerky

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  1. As always, good to hear from you Jerky!

  2. I'm here Brotha also on the other blogs even one or two that really haven't begun yet. Its just easier to read here and on the others and respond on your page or are other dirt brethren on everyone pages. We do need to get the commentary all or at least mostly on DDD and also on UEB.I don't know about you but I miss everyone debating and and cracking wise.